Speech and Language

A speech and language pathologist should be used in the classroom to enhance the teaching of and training of students for effective communication. They should be incorporated in the classroom to facilitate phonation and resonance as well as the intonation and the voice production. They are able to boost the children communication with an exclusion of the variations as the speech is being articulated and its fluency.   

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Speech and language pathologists should be trained on the methods of teaching. This is because it would enhance their effectiveness as the facilitators outside the classroom of the student communication and speech.

A teacher can through reference integrate the speech and language pathologist in class. It is a matter of getting the pathologist in class to assist the student with the communication development and referring the students to the expert in his absence after class work.  

A communication disorder would not be handicapping at all if the person is a stammer. This is a delay in the vocals and it is not crucial to be handicapping at all because at the end of the day, one shall be able to communicate effectively with others.

An instance where the victims cannot communicate through speech makes the communication disorder fully handicapping. This is a condition that fully limits the victim communication process and it results to a severe limitation.

 All students in the United States should not be expected to speak standard American English with the ignorance of their cultural, social and geographical information. Language is affected by these variables largely and an expectation to have all students speak the same irrespective of them is misplaced.

 It is easy to get the exact speech that the child is able to use as opposed to a structured approach. Secondly it is a speech recorded when the child is free to talk as opposed when he or she is directed at the context making it. It is more realistic to have the assessing of children amongst adults and grown ups because in these contexts the child is involved in a more reasonable conversation.

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