School Uniform

The term school uniform refers to a set of special clothes worn by pupils who belong to a particular school. The wearing of school uniforms is a tradition which has been practiced for a very long time now. It is particularly emphasized in the kindergarten, elementary, secondary and high school levels. Some colleges also use uniforms.

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School uniform is beneficial both to the pupils, parents, school administration and the general society in the following ways:

  1. Promotion of Equality

 The wearing of a similar cloth within a learning institution helps in showing that all pupils are equal, regardless of their socio-economic and political backgrounds. This makes the school environment accommodative of all sorts of learners who come from poor and rich families. In this case, everyone feels the same, because pupils are accorded the same treatment.

This helps in controlling weird conducts such as peer pressure. If learners are allowed to come to school with ordinary dresses, they can form cliques. These small groupings are used to cause havoc to the school management. They usually propagate bad conducts, which can negatively influence their colleagues. This problem can be ultimately eradicated when the school authority is able to recognize all the learners in the only recommended attire.

  1. Creation of Identity and Honor

The use of one uniform can help to create a sense of identity and honor for a particular institution. When learners from one school wear uniform, it becomes so easy to identify the school they belong to. In other words, the image of the institution can be got from the students who use its uniform and badges. Learners may be so proud of their school especially if it has a good reputation in the community. The use of uniform can help them to market their school during sports, drama, music, debates, contests and other co-curricular events, which unite different people. This is the only way through which the management can bank on its uniforms as a tool of promoting the school.

Therefore, authority develops a spirit of a team work and a sense of belonging. As a result, it becomes very easy for the school management to monitor its students and be in a position of monitoring them. At the same time, the use of a similar uniform can assist the authority to identify all their students and easily distinguish them from visitors or any other intruders.

  1. It Instills Discipline

The use of uniform can greatly help in modifying the conducts of learners both within and out of school. They understand that it becomes very easy for them to be recognized wherever they are. This leaves them with no option but to conform to the regulations. When using uniforms, students always believe that they can be recognized. Hence, they strive not to engage in any misconduct.

Pupils develop a phobia that everyone knows them. Hence, any deviation can be reported to the school authority. People usually know uniforms for various schools found in their vicinity. Therefore, the learners will always fear not to do anything wrong, because of the possibility of being identified and reported to the concerned authority. This can be very detrimental, since it comes with severe penalties. Therefore, they are obliged to conform.  

Conclusively, I would like to agree that the use of uniform is a noble idea. A part from promoting equality, it can also provide a sense of identity and help to regulate the conducts of learners. In other words, it instills virtues of tolerance, team work and respect. These are moralities which are essential for the future generations. However, the administration should be so careful not to design inappropriate and costly uniforms. This can cause unnecessary tension to the involved stakeholders.

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