Performance Evaluation

Program evaluation always requires attention to validity, reliability and sampling. As a school principal, I will demonstrate practices and describe outcomes of the project. Some of the average outcomes I will be concerned with include; student satisfaction, percentage of students passing the courses offered and the impact of the new program on the school goals.

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Then I will create a baseline by designing assessment measures to capture the change brought by the change in program. I will incorporate a selected sample of student in talks to assess the strength and weaknesses, identify improvement strategies and monitor the progress of the new program. After collecting data from the sample students, I will compare the current information and the baseline data.

This will help me to determine the extent of the match between the set goals and outcomes. After comparing the two results, I will then prioritize and develop plans to address the discrepancies. Finally, I will keep the assessment data for continuous program improvement. If the new program gives overall positive results, then the school goals and plans will be amended in a way that they will fit in the new program.

If the result of the new program is negative, then I will advise the senior school management to take further critical measures. This will ensure the school continues to do well even after the new program failure.

To determine the success of the initiative, I will closely monitor performance indicators of school. Some of the possible indicators that I will consider looking at are satisfaction scales of the general staff, students to teachers’ relationship, students’ performance improvements, and diversity of new student admitted in the school and the contribution of student in the amendment of school policies and rules. 

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