Mother Theresa

According to Manning & Curtis (2005), in a work setting leadership is important in organizing the group in line with the set objectives. The late Mother Theresa was a leader who managed to steer a group of nuns under the umbrella of sisters of charity towards serving the poor ad the needy population in the slums of Culcutta in India. Mother Theresa captlaized on one of the most important pre-requisites of leadership called care. In her biography written by Greene (2004), she is described as seeking not recognition and this made writing her biography rather difficult. Although she was not a celebrity, she a left a legacy and many people still consider her as a role model. Mother Theresa was driven by achievement and not power or affiliations like most political leaders. Her line of work involved giving hope to the hopeless and the poor and the fact that she never sought recognition or fame, is evidence enough for this. As described by Greene (2004), her pride was seeing people without hope regaining hope in life. The Sisters of Charity is considered on of the most strict and difficult orders within Catholic Sisters. This is because most of the sisters work in environments surrounded by poverty and hopelessness. Furthermore, the sisters are not allowed to live a life of material wealth. The fact that Mother Theresa was able to concieve and steer such a group demonstrates that she was a leader. Most leaders derive respect and command from their followers by their ability to have visions and have strategies towards the attainment of the visions. Mother Theresa was able to instill within the Sisters of Charity the vision of helping the poor through sacrifice. Greene describes Mother Theresa as having the ability to ensure that her visions became the visions of the order.

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