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I have selected to develop a restaurant by the name TAMARIND DHOW that is the only floating restaurant under the Tamarind group of caterers. Tamarind Dhow is a restaurant that is set to depict the availance of catering services to the clients at the Seafront and breeze for better relaxation and an experience far from the ones depicted by the other restaurants.

The restaurant will operate under the company chain restaurants logo though it shall have one of its own to differentiate it from the other restaurants of the corporation. The Tamarind group of caterers will have its corporate logo as well as the particular restaurants logo because we anticipate growing very fast and opening up other units in different parts globally. The entity will be set to ensure that the organizations are going to meet the needs of its clients in ways that are exceptional and never done before by any other organization. This will be initially fueled by the designing of the following logos; one  for the corporate and the other representing the initial floating restaurant  The corporate logo looks as follows:

In addition, the Tamarind Dhow restaurant will be shown as in the designed logo below.

Tamarind dhow Logo is set to depict the oceanic and the sea bluish color experience and it is as well set to show the amazing experience that the clients will have while dining with the restaurant. The tamarind group of Caterers opted to settle on this logo, as it will communicate to its current, potential and future clients the kind of the experience they are likely to get when they decide to use the catering services of the restaurant. It is e well thought out logo with many resources committed to its creation with a cocktail of ideas embraced in the process.

Menu Type: Tamarind Dhow Restaurant will be operating on an A LA CARTE menu. This is a Menu that has all menu items priced separately, and the customers will be allowed to give separate orders of what they will desire.

Tamarind Dhow restaurant will use the Food M 2 as the food theme and Lobster chocolate as the drinks theme. The food theme is a multicolor kind and it is set on at least five different colors, which were facilitated by the powerful themes options available to such a restaurant.

The food theme properties include the two columns Bluish and greenish as well as the red right sidebar ready thingamajig. The beverages theme on the other hand will include the chocolate type. This theme makes the clients to feel like they have to have a sip of the drinks and it does incorporate the options page as well as the featured section which will have the beverages options that the clients wants most. The theme does facilitate the advanced course plotting of the organization towards profitability. The chocolate theme does ensure that the coloration leaves the customers salivating for particular drinks in the menu.

The Tamarind Dhow restaurant is a woody built restaurant that is surrounded by thick mangrove forests and it depicts the conventional thematic ideas. It is a thatched restaurant with the coconut leaves and equipped with the traditional furniture to give it the extraordinary image of the home away from home, which is different from the modern designed restaurants by the other corporations.

It is a restaurant that is designed to depict the dhow image and woodly state which makes it more exciting and overwhelming. It has the traditional stumps as the sitting areas and tables in the outside terrace, which make Tamarind Dhow a restaurant of choice. It is out of these creative images that the customers are set to play with the seawater as they enjoy the sunset cocktails and offers.

Customer service goals as well as the owner’s goals are varied though many of them augur very well. The restaurant is set to offer quality foods and drinks to its clients at a reasonable price that is affordable by a person with an average income. Moreover, the restaurant will offer timely themed catering services to its customers according to the client’s preferences. Tamarind Dhow restaurant will avail to its customers value provision services by being accountable in the sense that they will be able to take responsibility of meeting customers’ needs and expectations, being courteous and understanding the client’s needs and expectations as well as being responsive. This is a situation where the organization will respond to service requests in a prompt manner. Proficiency will as well be embraced toward customer service by delivering services that are accurate and by skillfully doing so.

The goals that are being sought by starting of this Tamarind dhow restaurant include to achieve the levels of profit sufficiency by fully satisfying the customer’s needs as well as the adoption of the most realistic commercial practice and ethics as the restaurant deals with the clients. And the suppliers of all the goods and services plus the other variables involved in any contact area .The entrepreneur has as well visions of complete satisfaction  provision to the clients by considering facilitates as well as the service standards, and the food and beverage related products by charging a fair price.

Market gap that has fueled the creation of this restaurant is based on the fact that majority of the clients were are targeting are bored by the ordinary town restaurants settings and locations and they want a place where they can have a meal as they enjoy the sea environment and nature without having to struggle much. This restaurant has the potential of doing very well because the menu is particular to the customers’ needs as opposed to many  Table d’ horte menu restaurants in the area. It is as well the only floating restaurant and it has the likeliness of experiencing a huge number of customers.

Geographical location

Physically the Tamarind Dhow restaurant is located in a place called Mombasa; Jacksonville - I-95 South by the natives of the Virginia Beach city. This is on the fourth street of the region and straight from the northern peninsula and the naval army base. Tamarind Dhow restaurant is on 122 W. 31st St. 627-2773 location.

Restaurants in the location include The Boot - Local Kitchen & Wine Bar, the Todd Jurich's Bistro, the famous Tautog's and The Cellars.Tradewinds and Coastal Grill as well as the Croc's 19th Street Bistro are the restaurants located in Norfolk and Virginia. There is as well the Eastville Inn in the eastern shore.

Tamarind Dhow restaurant is accessible from the main street and other accesses road ending to Jacksonville - I-95 South. It has an ample parking area that is private as well as the various parking lots along the street. It is easier to access the highway and the main street from the restaurants location.

Some of the major attractions that are likely to influence the customers we shall be serving include the naval army base were we expected to be catering for the senior army officers, the Health Club: Southside Fitness in Hampton and the famous Lavies Spacific Healing McDonough, A good beach does as well facilitate the leisure and relaxation processes which promotes the restaurant business

Days and hours of operation

Tamarind Dhow restaurant will be open all through the week starting from Monday at 6am GMT to the 9 pm GMT until Friday. However, on weekend the restaurant shall be open from 6am GMT to the 11 pm GMT. This means that the seasonal demand will affect the opening and closing hours of the restaurant.

Meal period shall as well vary according to the number of covers that are expected to be served. On normal days the breakfast will be running as from 6.15 am to 8.30 am and lunch, service will commence at 12.15 noon to 2.15 pm. The restaurant will as well serve light snacks between 4.00pm and 5.30pm and this will be followed by dinner commencing at 7.00pm to 9.00pm.There will be extensions for breakfast in high season to cover 6.00am to 9.30 am as well the diner duration extension to involve the 7.00pm to 10.30pm time span.

Lounges shall be operational all the time from the opening time to the restaurant closure.

Seating capacity

The restaurant will be able to hold a capacity of 225 covers at a go and the lounge will be limited to m100pax at the same time. The various banquet rooms will hold different numbers of people at the same time. The Arch for instance will hold a maximum of 150pax while the Buffalo one will have a capacity of 100pax.

Traditional wooden furniture will be used in the restaurant and the terrace each being able to support four settings while other are set for twos. The seating plan will be concave and semicircular in the terrace while it will be a justifiable approach in the restaurant such that it creates enough space for the waiter service.

Customer turnover per meal

For breakfast the 6.15 am to 9.30 am, the turnover will be 225 covers/ 75 seats in 1 area of the restaurant. The breakfast turnover becomes 3.This is similar to the lunch meal periods and dinner on normal days but in high seasons and weekends, the turnover will be 450 covers/ 105 seats in each area. The turnover for the period becomes 5.This is good businesses and requires realistic resources to sustain which any organization has in plenty. This makes me believe that Tamarind Dhow Restaurant will be able to sustain after supporting this business.

The turnover in weekdays is 3 while it is five in weekends as well as the high seasons. The Jacksonville location of the restaurant has a turnover of even 6 during the summer period, weekends as well as the public holidays any at least a turnover of 2 during bad weather per meal.

Price range of entrees per meal period

Price range of the menu entrées per meal period involves Breakfast low is a teacup of $ 2 and the highest is a pizza running at $11. Lunch low is onion gravy for $ 3 and the highest is a T-bone of 700grams for $45.5. For dinner, the pepper sauce is the lowest at $3 while a high of $ 41 is for the 600gm Jackeroo Rib on the bone.

The daily specialties include the Pork Belly, which is Oven roasted and it is well served with grilled prawns beside the sugared tomato compote,and sold at $ 26.5 the other specialty is the 250grams Eye fillet, which sells at $ 34.5.

 The restaurant anticipated check average include the $ 9.5 for the days soup, $26.5 starter beverage (OYSTERSSydney rock), $16 for the entree and lobster Mornay running for $23= total $75 check average.      

Clientele profile

The restaurant is targeting the business partners in the region as well as the Army employees based in the naval army base and other close barracks. It does as well target the tourist who are in the nearby hotels and would like to have a dinner for instance in the restaurant to avoid the repetitive menu in their hotels of stay. Moreover, it eyes the senior civil servants, other Heads of Non-governmental corporations, and various senators.

These clients have to be above 28 years of age and not more than 65 years old with a family income of not less that the range of $ 275 to $425.With such earning one will be able to frequently use the restaurants services without any troubles.

Other factors to be considered are the religious backgrounds due foods such as Pock and it is recommended that Muslims should not visit the restaurant on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Pork Belly is sold. The social class is as well looked at and only busy high ranked clients are anticipated as well as the highly learned fellers.

Type of service

This restaurant will offer Italian meals with Table service to its clients (Arduser, 2002). This is kind of service where the seated guest will be served at their table by the waiters after their orders are processed.

The service philosophy is to deliver to the clients with finesse and personal touch the related orders and clients needs. Offering the Italian table service is the special feature of this restaurant and relative Italian models of service are never to be compromised.

The waiters and servers will be in black shorts and white shirts and the chefs shall be in full kitchen dressing. The restaurant hostesses, and supervisors will have the company uniform which is casual.

All members of staff are expected to have undergone formal training before recruitment on the respective areas. The ones with the Italian language certificate will have the added advantage as well as the ones with additional skill such as certificates in first aid and firefighting.

Exterior and Interior Décor and features

The restaurant will be having an Italian theme with wooden floor coverings commencing at the door to the furthest corner. Curios related to the Italian cultures will be hanged at the doorway with Italian dancers and music playing as the traditionally dressed concierge welcomes the customers. This will create the Italian feeling of the restaurant. The architectural design will allow the Italian flower vases to hung from the ceiling and together with the olden Italian ornaments which are supposed to cling to each other. All paintings, flowers, and decorations will be Italian based.


Tamarind Dhow Restaurant is a finesse Italian based restaurant and requires well-experienced members of staff. The job title include the General restaurant manager, Executive chef, Sous chef, Restaurant manager, Restaurant supervisors and Hostesses, waiters and cleaners.

The General restaurant manager will be required to possess a master Degree in Hospitality and hotel management in addition to other professional courses such as ACCA Qualifications. He or she will as well be in position of at least 5 years of experience in restaurant management of which he held a senior position. The Executive chef in the kitchen and the Restaurant manager in the front area will assist him.

Kitchen staff: It will require an Executive chef with a degree in culinary arts and at least 4-6 years experience in a senior position of an Italian Cuisine restaurant. The chef will be operating with a Sous chef with practical training, and various chefs in the kitchen. None of these will be absorbed direct from the college.

Dining room will require the service personnel and the hostesses to accompany the clients to their seats. The waiter will require basic training on Food and beverage service similar to the hostess on public relations and customer service.

Lounge personnel will on the other hand be required to have relative training on public relations and customer care.

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