Information Technology Assignment: Routed and Routing Protocol

The IP Address Structure

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Internet Protocol is a distinct type of address that is used in the course of identifying a given device connected over a given network structure. It is composed of four sections which are separated by dots. The IP address assumes the following format: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX whereby XXX can assume any number between 0 and 255 which are stored in 8 binary digits.

The Purpose of Subnet Masks with Specific Examples

A subnet mask is used to make a distinction between the Internet Protocol addresses in to the unique sections of both the network and host addresses (Seong, n.d). Furthermore, it is used to separate network address of a given Internet Protocol address by conducting a thorough bitwise AND functionality on the entire net-mask. Examples of the subnet mask are; for the IP address /4, the net-mask decimal is provided as, for the IP address / 12 the sub net-mask decimal value is

The Function of Routing Protocols

The key function of routing protocols is to distinctively specify the manner in which routers communicate with each other in order to bring about clear distribution of informational data. Notably, this informational data allows established routers to locate paths embraced by a given two nodes which exist within a computer network.

Non-Routable Protocols and Routable Protocols Are With Examples

Routable protocol is the immediate type of protocol which is used for the purpose of disseminating informational data over a given network structure (, 2007). Examples of routable protocol are IP and IPX. On the other hand, non-routable protocol is a type of protocol which has no capacity to disseminate informational data over given network structure. An example of non-routable protocol is NetBeui (, 2007).

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