Guinness, the world most famous dry Irish stout owes its popularity neither from its distinctive taste nor its most appealing logo, but to its modern, creative, humorous and almost surreal advertisement (Paul 2). It’s every television and print advertisement is eye appealing to everyone that sees it. The company main vision is to create and provide the highest quality lagers that will help redefine American beer culture.

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Its main vision is to re-educate consumers what beer should taste and look. This has helped the company to operate a profitable business across all American state. In its recent magazine advertisement, the company used a glass full of beer. In addition to the use of the good looking glass full of beer, they wrote: “because she is younger and better looking than you” (Paul 3)

This advertisement specifically targeted women who do not consume Guinness brands. It specifically targeted those old and ugly looking women all over America. It pretended to know reasons that made those women old and ugly. The advertisement ideally opted to give them an option to become young and beautiful. The advertisement implies that women who drink other beer apart from Guinness are neither beautiful nor young (Paul 6).

Its gives an ironical condition that for a woman to remain beautiful and young, she should start consuming Guinness brands. This statement is ideally true but practically untrue. Women beauty always changes with age. Their young looks wither each day as they continue to grow old. There is nothing a person can do to avoid aging. Every person was once young, but with time we become old and start showing signs of old age like developing wrinkles. This advertisement mainly targeted women, because the company knew that women are ever concerned with looks and beauty. Every woman always wants to look young and beautiful. This advertisement was used to create fear to women who do not use Guinness products (Paul 7).

It gives them a solution they have been looking for for a long time. Its reminds them that the only way to remain young and beautiful, is through consumption of Guinness product. This is logically untrue. With many companies making beer products, women have wider beer brands to choose from (Paul 8).With this in mind, Guinness Company had fear that many women will shift to other available beer products. Under careful thought, they came up with that advertisement so as to convince women to only consume their beers. They even went ahead and used a display of a remarkably beautiful woman face in their advertisement. This was technically meant to help the company impact the idea and connection between the Guinness products and women beauty. As we all truly know, beer is a drink that usually causes harm to bodies especially when excessively used.

The company knew this, but due to their desire to continue selling their product in American market came up with this contradicting advertisement (Paul 4). They mainly knew that a woman mostly determines the product the rest of family members consume. So in their mind they wanted to capture the attention of all American women. This meant that during family shopping, which is mainly done by women, the beer to be bought to take home for use, will be Guinness. This made them use such heart appealing commercial advertisement.

Their main concern was to woo many women into continue using or start using their beer brands. Advertisement always creates need. With effective and attractive advertisement programs, many companies survive in highly competitive environment. This is the main reason Guinness company is using such extreme ideological approaches during its advertisement planning’s and displays (Paul 10).

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