Dundas Valley School is one of the big places of culture in Hamilton city, in Ontario. Established in 1964, Dundas Valley School is an independent and a non-profit-making school. Over the years, Dundas Valley School has been serving the Hamilton community by teaching various forms of art. The school plays a vital role in Hamilton by educating the community about its culture as well as engaging itself in various cultural development programs. Dundas Valley School offers a wide range of visual arts programs, which include drawing, painting, sculpture making, photography, ceramics, hot glass blowing, and jewel making. Annual enrollment in the school is around 4,200 students, who range from young children of two years to senior citizens. The school offers both part-time and full-time programs (Dundas Valley School, 2011).

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Dundas Valley School conducts various community programs. These include annual art auctions and special events such as art seminars, workshops, and performances. In the annual art auction, original works from young and established artists are auctioned to locals and visitors. Items available in the auction include jewelers, watercolors, oils, earthenware, sculptures, and pastels. Dundas Valley School will be presenting the 42nd annual art auction on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 7 pm. In addition, the school has been hosting performance of the play “The Nature of Words” since November 14, 2011. The performances will end on December 2, 2011. Other special events on Dundas Valley School calendar include hosting a workshop between December 2011 and January 2012, dubbed ‘Advanced & Independent Studies’ (Dundas Valley School, 2011).

Dundas Valley School has a rich history. It started operating from a small rented building on Melville Street. Its current location, on Ogilvie Street, is a designated heritage building, which served as a munitions factory during the First World War. Artistic features presented in the building include neo-Georgina windows dating 1836, an extensive library, a community art gallery, different kinds of studio space, and a large loft space, which is used to host huge events and performances (Dundas Valley School, 2011).   

Thirsty Cactus is a bar and a restaurant, which is located in Hamilton city in Ontario, Canada. It is located in three-storey building, which has a combination of white and reddish-brown color on the outside walls. At the entrance of the building, the walls are painted in white. The words ‘Thirsty Cactus’ are embedded in large white writing at the entrance of the building as well. The building has large glass windows. The windows have some decorations and writings, which give them a nice appearance. In addition, the windows are covered with nice sky-blue curtains, which allow people to enjoy a good view of the town while inside the restaurant (Thirsty Cactus, 2011).

Thirst Cactus serves delicious meals, in what they call ‘Tex Mex Menu’ (Thirsty Cactus, 2011). The restaurant serves full menus during lunch and dinner, as well as light late night, and special meals in-between. The restaurant provides a variety of options for vegetarians and children as well. Examples of appetizers served at Thirst Cactus include mexi-fries, which is made of fresh cut fries, topped with spicy beef, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream; 7-layer dip, which is made of shredded cheeses, tomatoes, salsa, signature beans, spicy beef, and guacamole; and potato skins, which is made of crispy potato skins, cheese and hickory smoked bacon, among others. Bread served in the restaurant includes garlic cheese brad, bandito bread, and double play. Soup and salad delicacies include spinach, toca, fajita, southern Cobb, and tumbleweed salads. From the grill, Thirsty Cactus serves hickory-smoked ribs, which have a true authentic Southern taste, and are served with fresh cut fries, baked potatoes, or rice. Favorite menus include Chicken Diablo: spiced chicken with mushrooms, onions, and penne pasta tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce; Cactus Club, which is made of smoked turkey, grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and avocado ranch all piled high on pita bread, among others. The bar section serves a wide range of domestic and imported beers (Thirsty Cactus, 2011). 

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