Further Off the Straight and Narrow

The video clip discusses the problem of gay and lesbian privacy exposure on television. Since 1970s, the sexual minorities had finally been fully recognized and accepted as equals into the public circles. Along with the social acceptance, the media went through a revolutionary reformation of free display of the life concepts of gay and lesbian couples and opened the doors of understanding and acceptance for the queer. Such freedom of expression has led to “overpopulation” of gay and lesbian community in the television industry today. Day or night, gay shows are available on the television for public display. According to Howard Buford from Prime Access Inc., such behavior of the sexual minorities equals to the statement “You don’t exist, unless you are on TV”. In other words, it is a self-establishment of a personality who wants to fit into the group, yet be free to express oneself in a most comfortable way.

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Gays and lesbians have become a precious and proud decoration while taking part in almost each television program or show like “America’s Next Top Model” or “House M.D.”. The television industry has also started to create special audience oriented television shows like “The L Word”, which discloses the discreet revelations of lesbian sexual life, or “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, which emphasizes the aspects of gay life. Nonetheless, the television program professionals state that such exposure of homosexual pride is not authentic. It is rather a commercialization of homosexuals as a brand, rather than the expression of their freedom. In addition, such branding is rather invitation for joining in than preaching tolerance and equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

Being homosexual is considered today a social norm, which individuals are taught to be tolerable to. Expressing their freedom in life and on television, gay community is being empowered and supported as a minority. Even though socially, the sexual minorities have been given the freedom to express themselves in life and on television, many individuals are still unable to perceive their preferences and continue to make poor judgment regarding their lifestyle.

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