Feminism Aesthetic

I believe that feminist aesthetic is desirable. Feminist aesthetics is all about identifying certain perspectives that pursue questions about the underlying assumptions and philosophical theories regarding the categories of aesthetic and art. Many feminists have agreed that the language of philosophy appeared to be inclusive and neutral, still all the areas of discipline have the presence of gender (biasness) in their conceptual framework. The perspectives of feminists in aesthetics are also in line with the cultural influences that exert power over subjectivity.

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Grimes has agreed that people are always skeptical about the performance of women. Grimes is of the opinion that people are still conservative in their mind when they think of art and aesthetics, that people still believe that men are better associated with art and aesthetics as compared to women. Shirin Neshat is the famous feminist who also believes that people are divided in their opinion of art and aesthetics when the underlying work is the creation of men or women. Neshat, through her work aimed at bringing the society to equal level. She believes that society requires more and more people with straight thinking who do not differentiate between male and females. Woolf on the other hand partly different view, she is of the opinion that the experience of women can be the basis of transformative change in the society. She believed that art and aesthetics is not the prerogative of any race or religion and every person (be it men or women) can contribute equally to art and aesthetics.

I agree that there exists a differentiating factor in the mind of people and this is probably the reason that feminist aesthetic is somewhat desirable in society however I also believe that perception of people are changing and in coming time there would be more feminists coming up who would see art and aesthetic in a neutral fashion.

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