I do not think that there is a way of describing the reproductive process without gendering it. This is exclusively because there are special terms regarding the reproductive process which cannot be left out in describing this indispensable yet continuous process of the human race.  In addition, I think that gendering the reproductive process will draw major gender disparities. Using gender to define the core of what makes us human creates huge contradictions by requiring us to define men and women as fundamentally different from each other and yet also as full human beings. On the other hand, this cannot be done, because as soon as human traits are made gender specific, each gender is encouraged to alienate itself from a substantial portion of what makes us human (Johnson 83).

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Men's involvement and concern about feminism is fundamental to its long-term significance and importance. In the current world, men are engaging themselves more in feminist activities such as role-playing in the family, nursing, and teaching.  Generally, men have become more responsive to emerging feminine issues. Furthering women’s rights form the men has been a contentious discourse that continues to arise. Historically, male dominance had been on the forefront of innumerable phenomena thereby making it impossible to further women’s rights especially when advocated for by the men.

Men can invariably further and advocate for women’s rights. Erasing stereotyped thoughts towards women can considerably facilitate the realization of this objective. For example, women are thought to be intellectually inferior compared to men while only bearing merit of emotional attachment. In addition, men should cease viewing femininity as the weaker gender in terms of vulnerability and inferiority complex.  Women should also be assigned leadership roles, for example, in politics, social conventions, and even in professional positions. Feminism is a critical social aspect that should not be underscored.

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