Effects of Child Abuse


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Child abuse is the substantial and sexual or the poignant torture and mistreatment of children (Corby 86). It has various effects and the implications that are risky for a normal human in relation to growth, development, and communal acceptance.

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According to the United States center for disease control and prevention, child abuse is defined as an act or serial actions that are commissioned by the parents or any other third party who gives care to the child that accrue to harm or the potential of causing mischief to a child. Most of child maltreatment takes place at the Childs home while little levels happens at schools and other social places as the child interacts with the parties involved (Doyle 14). Child abuse may be either neglecting the infant, a physical abuse or a psychological maltreatment on top of the most critical abuse sexually. Child abuse is influenced by various factors, which includes substance abuse and the high rates of unemployment as well as financial restraints. The developments of psychiatric problems as well as the muddled style of attachment are the initial effects of child abuse. Future suffering of various bodily health problems is also one of the effects of child maltreatment.

Domestic violence is as well one of the future effects of child abuse (Turnell 54). The child still will be traumatized and will tend to be rough and emotional due to the anger he or she shall be linking to the family roles in relations the abuse she received sometimes back. The family relations are affected by cases of child abuse largely. It facilitates quarrels between the family members. This is because the abuser might not accept the fact that he or she is rough on the child and as the debating goes on quarrels and fights might occur. Family associations shall as well be threatened in that abuse might result to a divorce of a couple. This is possible because the perception of the act between the abuser and the other parent of the child are varying. Such misunderstandings results to a divorce because one might not be able to stand a case of child abuse.


Child abuse spoils communal acceptance hence making a particular family to be noted negatively. It is not human to practice child abuse and servitude.

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