Bullying is as an act of taking advantage of another by hurting them. Bullying is a social problem that can exist on any level. Bullying as aggressive behavior can be either verbal or written as long as the result is to hurt the other party. Most people bully others because they might be jealous they want to attract attention or even to revenge what happened to them. The victims on the other hand, may feel degraded and this might lead to inferiority complex, and other things such as suicide. Bullying if not carefully solved can bring about more damage than good. The main reason as to why there is a lot of bullying is the fact that parents have neglected their responsibility of being an exemplary role model. Most of them are even too busy to notice any changes in their children. Bullying is difficult to end, because of its adoption as a culture (Melissa, 2010).

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Dominancy is the chief characteristic of bullying. Most researchers argue that bullies reflect their childhood environment. For example, if one is arrogant he may have learnt it from his parents or guardians. Other people use bullying to conceal shyness, shame or in order to boost their self-esteem. Eradication of bullying is easy if parents and teachers play their role in guiding and educating young people. This is by ensuring that if a case like this arises they find the cause and guide them accordingly. Most of the bullies have similar characteristics, which are low self-esteem, jealousy and the need to seek attention. Bullies are therefore, not evil people only that they do not know how to express themselves hence they need understanding.

There are various types of bullying. There include school, workplace, bullying of the disabled, prisons etc. all types of bullying are stoppable through intervention. Bullying in school could be because the victim performs better than the bully does. It could also be they are from a wealthy family. In the workplace, it may come because of others envying your position or it may be a culture in the company. The disabled also are victims because they are less privileged and this makes people look down on them. In prisons, the case is different because the wardens look down on the criminals due to lack of respect and they believe they are guilty.

People subjected to verbal bullying are always at a greater risk for depression development. This is because the brain is involved and every time they will be remembering it. This can make them act violently and have mental disorders. Research has shown that kids that are victims of bully before puberty they get over it but those who are teenagers it is hard to get over it. Those that experience rejection and no support from their loved ones if they had been sexually harassed suffer up to their adulthood. Most of them have tremors such that they behave aggressively once someone from the opposite sex tries to come near them. Such people need a lot of guidance and counseling in order to get over it.

As there is, no problem that does not have a solution bullying also has a cure. It is always pleasant for one to be a solution rather than a problem. It is therefore, the responsibility of each individual to try to stop bullying around them. If for example, one sees a kid, bullying another it is your responsibility to guide and educate them. Parents should also make an effort of being a exemplary role model to their children since they are the first teachers. It is easy to notice and advice a bully since most of them shares a common characteristic. This makes it easier to identify and guide them. Olweus (1993), come up with a program to solve the problem of bullying in schools. The program includes the adult involvement and understanding, done by supervision during the recession and break time. Making rules and regulations against bullying and involving talks that target on educating them on the effect of bullying.

Most of the victims suffering today are because of ignorance on the part of the elderly. This is evident in the case of suicide after harassment, and the teachers knew about it yet they did nothing. Ignorance is the worst thing one can have because it brings about a lot of damage. In the case of Phoebe Price 15, who ends up killing herself since she could not take it anymore is an excellent example (Eckhol and Katie, 2011). The sad bit was that nobody seemed to care at all it is as if everyone was enjoying watching her suffer. It is necessary to render support to those that are in need of it anytime and anywhere. Ignorance is also mostly on the part of the parent and the teacher who notices some changes in the behavior of the kid and does nothing about it.

Some people say that bullying is a lifestyle and part of growth and development of a child. This however, is not true as bullying has been neither a game nor a joke. Well some may do it to get even with the other party but even so, that does not make it a lifestyle. It can never be a game because one party gets hurt and this could bring a lot of damage. Bullying can educate people based on the effects that it has. This is so because they will learn from experience. It is better for one to learn from other people past mistakes than learn from their own experience. This is highly logical in the case of bullying because there are many side effects and many people get hurt in the process.

Parents sometimes live in denial that their children cannot do something awful and being overprotective. This can bring more harm than good because once one identifies bullying at an early stage it is easily stoppable. Olweus (1993) suggests that if one is not able to advise a child is always advantageous to enroll them in the ant-bullying program in the community that will help reduce bullying. He also recommends that parents should keep an eye on the social life of their kid. It will enhance early detection of any sort of change in their behavior.

In conclusion, bullying has adverse effects on the victim such as causing depression and some even end up committing suicide. The earlier one discovers it the better though it is always beneficial to prevent than to cure. Parents and teachers have a heavy burden on their shoulders as they have to monitor the progress of the children. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to be an exemplary role model. Bullying has never done anyone good all it does is to hurt people by depriving them the right to do what suits them best. Most of the children ends up being bullies due to lack of guidance, it is therefore the attention they are deprived they tend to seek. Ensuring that they have an open discussion and being an exceptional example to them will help eradicate bullying. Also in cases where one is not able to guide them, they can always enroll them in an ant-bullying program.

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