Archiving of Inactive Records


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Archiving of inactive records, tables or even data as well as old records is a good way of ensuring that your data is neat and well organized. Determining the data to archive from database, you need to know whether records are related or not (Craig, 2006). This can only be known by checking or working around the relationship they have. For instance you cannot archive parent record that belongs to one side of one-to-many since it has child records inheriting from it and if you achieve this, the child record may also be affected in that you may make them orphans which could cause problems such as data integrity, but you can comfortably archive child record since it inherits rather than being inherited from.


The following data in Alexamara database can be archived without causing any harm to the database integrity. In marina table you can archive (MarinaName, Address, City, State, Zip) records since they are not inherited in any table in entire database (Codd, 1970). They can be archived periodically.

The fields that cause the table not to be in third normal form are MarinaName, LastName, FirstName. This is because they have partial dependency on the primary key. This simply means that those fields cannot be fully determined by use of the primary key of Marinaslip table.

The denormalized table is in second normal form due to the existence of partial dependency of some fields.

In every database security is essential to avoid cases where data is accessed by unauthorized users. This may lead to unauthorized modification of data hence compromising the database integrity. To avoid such cases each and every user should be assigned database privileges depending on the objects that the user wants to access (Seltzer, 2008). The database should also be protected by use of password and username to make sure that those who access the database are authorized users.

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