Apostle Paul

One of the main characters of the New Testament, besides Jesus Christ, is Apostle Paul. However, before he was known as Paul, people referred to him as Saul of Tarsus. Saul was a person with a noble heritage, and he had a rich background. On the other hand, in his thirst for righteousness, he was willing to sacrifice everything since he considered worldly possessions worthless. In Philippians, Paul encourages people to consider the loss of everything as the supreme good that allows to embrace Jesus Christ. The loss of wealth will assist the followers of Jesus to reassess the paths of serving and pleasing God (Cory 245). Thus, the personal experiences of Paul, such as the loss of all things, assist him to accept Jesus as the savior of humankind.

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In Philippians 2, Paul tries to stress the significance of humility, selflessness, and unity of humanity. The author tries to point out that even though Jesus Christ is the God’s son, he does not regard parity with God as something to be grasped. In addition, Jesus emptied himself, took the form of a slave, and acquired human likeness and human appearance. Moreover, he humbled Himself, became obedient, and accepted death on the cross. Therefore, by saying that Jesus emptied himself, Paul means that he became a subservient man, contrary to Adam in the Old Testament, who was the dominant man. Man was made in the likeness of God and was given dominion over all creation. However, Paul tries to show that Jesus came to serve like a humble slave (Imperato 124). Adam and the rest of people did not strive to achieve equality with God. On the contrary, Jesus in the New Testament becomes an example to emulate.

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