Alcoholics Anonymous

Nowadays, alcoholism is a social problem in many countries of the world. People are struggling in an effort to fight the alcohol addiction for years. Many of them cannot become free from this addiction without help of relatives and members of the family. Unfortunately, only a little amount of people can come out of this circle without help of the supporting organization. One of such establishments is in Miami. Its main goal is to help people with alcoholic addiction.

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Alcoholic Anonymous in Miami is a center where alcoholic addicts have chance to escape from this harmful habit and change their lives for better. There is a specially developed program which the person has to go through in order to succeed in recovery. It includes several stages. If the person would like to join the recovery process in the group, he/she should recognize that it is almost impossible to recover without God. All program of the Miami center is based on a belief in God. A newcomer should understand that he/she is powerless over alcohol without the participation of God in his recovery. He/she should turn his life over to the care of God.

The representatives of the organization are convinced that God can remove all the defects of the character of each person (Hedblom, 2007). God is an absolute authority. The only request for becoming a member of this center is longing for a life without drinking. Every group works as one separate unit. It has the only one aim, namely, to carry the message to the alcoholics who still suffer from the addiction. The group is self-supportive, which means that group declines outside help (Hedblom, 2007). The organization does not want to promote its service for any benefits. It rather wants to attract more alcoholics who definitely need help. It keeps total anonymity of its members. It is the spiritual foundation of the Miami center.

Hence, the Alcoholic Anonymous in Miami is the center, where anyone who is an alcohol addict can escape this problem with the help of the organization and God.

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