History essay samples



Feudalism refers to a set of political and military practices that were practiced in medieval Europe between the 9th and 15th centuries (White 8). ...


Niccolo di Bernado dei MachiavelLi

Niccolo di Bernado dei MachiavelLi (1469-1527) was the initiator of today’s political science (Virolli 2). Machiavelli was of Italian Origin and ...



One of the most honored and strongest personalities in the entire history of United States of America is Joseph McCarthy. He joined the politics of ...


The First Crusade

Introduction One of the historical developments and progressions in the world must have been under the persecution and pains that the Jews went ...


What is the Role and Uses of Violence in History?

The word "violence" conventionally means a type of violent action, such as murder, designed to make people afraid. In ordinary usage, however, the ...


Film Industry and Television Industry in 1948

The film industry represents a great and influential institution of mass entertainment. It developed in the nineteenth century and dominated until ...

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