Each country has some historical facts it cannot be proud of. Slavery development is one of the most dramatic features in the history of the American society. Having been brought to Virginia by the English colonists, the African slaves’ labor was widely used for more than two centuries. Even though slavery in the US was primarily associated with the South, in reality, the slaves’ labor usage was spread throughout southern and northern territories. The number of slaves in the North was much smaller and declined more rapidly in contrast to South. This paper is aimed to define the main economic and social reasons that contributed to the differences in slavery spread throughout two parts of the country.

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The concentration of slaves in the southern colonies such as South Carolina and Georgia was very high and comprised mostly African Americans who cultivated cotton, rice, and tobacco (Engerman et al., 2003). At that time, the number of slaves in the North America was quite small and primarily comprised the “white” Europeans who came to work for a payment as well as got freedom and land after a particular period. At first, the black slaves could also gain freedom for their good job. However, later slavery turned into a synonym of property.

The first break in the people’s consciousness was made after the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) (Engerman et al., 2003). The Declaration of Human Rights and Equality had a considerable influence on many people. However, southern territories still defended slavery due to many reasons. Big farm plantations and cotton production were more profitable for them in contrast to the old slavery system. For North, the slaves’ work became not necessary as they were more city- and factories-oriented. Europeans, who came to England, Germany, and Ireland, brought new understanding of the nation prosperity. As a result, the Civil War has become the last stage of the slavery abolishment in the country.

To sum it up, the dramatic period in the US history has finished. Even though the geographical peculiarities and economic orientation differences made the slavery disappear gradually, and it was more desirable in the South, now it is the passed page in the history.

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