Precedents set by George Washington

George Washington created the first cabinet, which comprised of four departments with four appointees, namely; Thomas Jefferson was appointed the Secretary of State, Alexander Hamilton was also appointed the Secretary of the Treasury, and Henry Knox became the Secretary of War. Finally, Edmund Randolph was made the Attorney General to advise Washington on matters of performing duties as the president. Today, the cabinet comprises of the most senior executive branch officers, who serve the federal government of the United States of America. These officers are appointed to serve as the heads of the various executive departments.

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George Washington became the first president to leave office after two terms. The precedent is being followed today with the term limits being two office sessions. For instance, the current president is in his second and final term in power. The two term limits help to promote democracy whereby leaders of all political divisions have the chance to contest for the presidency more variedly. With the term limits, citizens are able to elect leaders of their choice who could prove expertise in certain areas of societal development.

George Washington became the first to establish foreign policy, which set out how to interact with foreign nations in order to enhance peace, democracy and security worldwide. Washington embraced neutrality and in so doing, he sent American representatives without the approval of the legislature. All nations were treated equally as there was no partiality, an aspect that promoted unity. This meant that Washington never took sides with any nations. This was evident during the signing of pacts or treaties. The France neutrality proclamation is a good example. France had declared war against Britain. America did not take sides.

All that Washington wanted was to ensure peace between the two nations. The proclamation was signed in a situation when given countries had declared war on each other. Conflicting Prussia, Austria, Britain, France and Netherlands forced the USA to adopt diplomacy by asking the involved nations to pursue and conduct friendly and impartial resolutions among the nations. Washington warned his fellow citizens to avoid all proceedings, which were to contravene any disposition or bring hatred.

Foreign Policy Today

The independent federal agencies and the cabinet on foreign policy advise the president of the USA. These departments have a wider scope of responsibility compared to that of the Department of Defence to ensure that peace and security prevails within all foreign countries. The National Security Council also takes part in advising the president on foreign policy.

The agencies have varied roles in regards to foreign policy matters. First, they organize the department of State and the foreign service of the United States. Secondly, they advise the president on the current foreign policy as it concerns the USA, including all diplomatic appointments to other nations as representatives, and acceptance or dismissal of such persons in the respective countries. These agencies participate in all levels of negotiations during resolutions of matters arising, either bilaterally or unilaterally in addressing international treaties. The USA's oversees programs are overseen by these agencies. The agencies are providing Americans living outside their country with information and all necessary credentials as may be required by the citizens abroad. The Secretary of State is a member of the team that advises the president on foreign policy, and hence plays the following roles: publication of American laws in respective countries, sealing presidential appointments and recording of all undertakings taking place internationally.

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