Motivations that prompted the emigration of Asians into America in the 19th/20th century

The emigration of the Asian Americans into the US was promoted by various factors. Among these motivations is the discovery of gold in California, which attracted the attention of many Asians from diverse cultural backgrounds (Murrin, 510). Consequently, the Asians, notably Chinese, migrated into the USA following this discovery in 1884. Additionally, those, who were migrating from China, were motivated by other factors such as drought and famine, which affected their country in the 1880s. Therefore, in their search for food and better living conditions, they eventually found their way into the US, a country that could provide them with sufficient food (Murrin, 517).

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The immigration of the Asians into the US was also promoted by overcrowding of the Asians in their mother countries. In the 19th and early 20th century, there were already overcrowded areas in many Asian countries, due to the high rate of birth that was being experienced by then. Consequently, some of the Asians emigrated from their countries into the US in search for more space that would comfortably accommodate them (Murrin, 519). In the mid 19th century, the US was opening most of its industries and other businesses, which acted as an attraction for the provision of job opportunities to the Asians. Thus, the Asians came to the US to take up the job opportunities that were emerging as a result of the US industrialization. Further, there was warfare in the Asian continent during the 19th and the early 20th century, which forced some Asians to migrate in search for more peaceful territories. This way, they ended up immigrating into the US (Murrin, 521).

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