Importance of History


The study of any discipline requires justification for its significance. We live in the present and face challenges day by day. Most studies are centered on dealing with these current difficulties and improving on the present. The majority is concerned about the future, what it holds and how they can make it better. This makes history, a study concerned with past events be understated. However, it is still insisted in syllabi for various reasons whose significance should be brought to light. The reasons history, as a studied discipline, has changed over the years. The idea that educated people are those that knew history became obsolete, and now new and better reasons have come into day.

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History’s effects in the society are not as active or tangible as the other disciplines. It should, however, be noted that history’s benefits bare not such traits as tangibility. Its fruits are in long term.

This essay explains the importance of history as a subject. It points out why it is insisted upon in various syllabi all around the world. Ignorance of history would have adverse effects in the world extremely, and it should thus be observed.

Importance of History

History as a discipline has passed the test of time for the most part with reasons that cannot stand at this point. The ancient assumptions, that historical knowledge guided literacy, misled people on the importance of history itself. However, this does happen in the current society as old habits die-hard. History has many other roles in the society that cannot be overstated (Sterns, 1998).
History helps in comprehending societies and people. It explains the origins of cultures and beliefs. The technological developments, army strategies, general elections, and even social structure and government are all borne out of history. A study of the history is the only thing that can explain these aspects of the present.

History is significant in our lives as it portrays the beauty that comes with learning the foundation of the sophisticated world we live in now. Authors and playwrights not only appeal to audiences by style and humor, but also the accuracy with which they capture the history of society. In this case, history is entertaining to the society.

History promotes moral thinking in the society. In history student is bound to be inspired by the struggles in the pasts, the victories and defeats. Learned lessons could be applied in current realistic situations. History is a practical illustration of teaching by example.

Identity is obtained from the knowledge of history. The struggles for independence, genealogy, institutional and company records are all used to figure out purpose. Nationality is promoted by history of nations. Long-estranged family members meet by reconstruction of genealogies. Plans and projections are made from a company’s and institutional records.

Certain careers, except of pure historiographers, are better developed with knowledge of history. Political positions, business careers and many other jobs are influenced by an individual knowledge of history. History forms a benchmark from which progress is built. This will lead the development of society, as the mind is not narrowed at meeting only what is achievable now, but surpassing which was accomplished before.


History has a vast value despite its dealing with the past, unlike many other disciplines that are concentrated on the present and future. History’s sources are mainly questioned (Stearns, 1998), but it still benefits the society in numerous ways. It helps in understanding societies, enables its students to develop various skills and helps in marking out one’s identity. These are just but a few on an almost endless list of the benefits of history. History is a hallmark of society, and it should be noted as a discipline that uses the past to deal with the future. ‘Learning from past glories and mistakes to make a better future’ has a history all over it. History should be cherished as a discipline of substance (Bartholomew, 2003).

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