Civil War between North and South

In the spring of 1861 in the United States a civil war began between the North and several slave states from the South. American Civil War was one of the earlier industrial wars and one of the fiercest wars in the United States. The election of the anti-slavery president Abraham Lincoln became the first impetus to the division of the country into two parts. Southern states considered that Lincoln would support Northern interests. As a result, seven Southern states formed the Union before Lincoln’s inauguration. But this was not the main reason of the war. Economic and social differences played one of the leading roles in this controversy.  South based its economy on agriculture, depending on cotton and, as a result, on slavery work, whereas North was more industrial oriented and just turned cotton into finished goods. The next point in disagreement concerned state’s rights and its observance. South claimed that people had the right to take their own property whenever they move, including slaves. Northerners rejected this right because it would violate the non-slave status. Actually the question upon slavery or free labor was a crucial factor that led to the bitter struggle. It was a crucial point that determined the types of economy, their development and amount of income, as well as it influenced the dilemma of rights for Southerners and Northerners. Questions concerning slavery arose frequently and such famous persons, acts and events as Indian Removal Act, Kansas-Nebraska Act, activity of Preston Brooks and abolitionists steeped into American history in  the period of the Civil War. The deadliest war in the United States was a consequence of political and economical differences; opposite views on the state’s right and the struggle for and against slavery.

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Transcontinental Treaty, also known as Adams-Onis Treaty, was signed between the United States and Spain in 1819. The Treaty was negotiated by the Secretary of State – J. Adams and Spanish foreign minister L. de Onis. The Treaty set up boundaries between the U.S.A. and New Spain. During the negotiations Secretary of State provide a range of arguments in order Florida to become a part of America. He claimed that this was not an earthly purpose but rather a post which would serve as a defense point from the annoying enemies (Deconde 127).

Indian Removal Act was signed by the President Andrew Jackson on May, 1830.The Act was aimed at negotiating with Native Americans about their removal to federal territory of the Mississippi river from their homelands. The Five Civilized Tribes which where considered autonomous nations had to leave their homes (Perdue 51). Thousands of American Indians were forced to emigrate to the West. The reasons of this forcible removal were millions acres of land for white people and their slaves.

Preston Brooks was a Democratic representative who protected the policy of slavery. He is foremost remembered for the fierce beating of Senator Ch. Sumner by his cane with golden head on the floor of the United States Senate. The reason of his action concerns the Senator’s anti-slavery speech, where Sumner offended Brook’s uncle A. Butler. This accident brought Brook a huge popularity among Southerners and awarded a Senator with a chronic head pain (Mitchell 95).

Abolitionists are persons who struggled for the end of slavery in the United States in the 1830’s. They considered slavery as a national sin and believed that Americans had to help slaves in their returning to Africa.

Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 firstly was aimed at creating and opening new farms. But the question of Popular Sovereignty concerning vote about slavery transformed Kansas into the place of bloody civil war.

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