Civil Rights Movement

Looking back in the history books, I would definitely have chosen to be part of the peaceful protests during the Civil Rights Movement.  This is because history continues to prove that it will repeat itself and the people who are wisest and those who have been most successful were the peaceful protestors.  Even during the 1960’s we had Mahatma Gandhi’s example, a pioneer in the peaceful protest tactics.  Moreover, the peaceful protests were not safe and required true courage and bravery from the oppressed.

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It is easy for anyone to get emotional and start physically fighting, whether it is for their rights or other people’s.  However, the stronger people are those who can control their emotions when they are being triggered the most.  During the Civil Rights Movement, it was crucial for the minorities (Blacks) to present themselves as sophisticated, educated and courageous.  The opponents kept their eyes and ears open at all times to record and publicize the slightest of slips, which would then be used to represent the entire black community.  Along with the challenge of having to control one’s emotions and actions, people were arrested and abused physically and verbally. 

Most of all, the fact is that the peaceful protesting was highly successful.  For example, the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955-56 was an amazing movement that shook the Montgomery Bus Company at its economic center.  Because of the united, peaceful rebellion, the blacks the federal courts declare the segregation of buses to be highly unlawful.  This acknowledgment was the first step towards actual desegregation.  The leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a staunch believer in peaceful protesting and therefore, inspired his followers towards the same practice.  If he had resorted to violence and irrational action, the results would have been significantly different.  Even though the peaceful protests often turned into dramatic action scenes, the protestors stood their ground and kept the end goal in sight: freedom.  

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