Ancient Sparta and Ancient Athens

The ancient Spartan regime was an anomalous concern but it was characterized by stability. This region had the most stable governing system in the Greece history and some historians referred to it as “political stagnation.” The system had a dual monarchy in addition to the government and under it there was a council comprising of the two kings and twenty eight nobles. These noble had to be sixty years and above and had to be retired army officers. The council was responsible for the debating and setting of the legistrative as well as the foreign policies. It was an ephorate governing system as the five members of the ephorate were in charge of the synergy system. It was an egalitarian realm based oligarchy system of governance.

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Athens on the other hand was more or less democratic system of governance. It was ruled by “BASILEUS” under whom there was a council of nobles same to the Spartan known as Aeropagus. After some time these Aeropagus stripped of the power from the king and made the system of governance, as an Oligarchy. The Aeropagus comprised of nine archons who in short feint the nation. Athens was culturally made up of two social classes: the slaves and citizen as opposed to Sparta though it too had divisions. The systems of governance were changing form from the olden to the classical era perspectives. It I through the systems of governance that was practiced in both regions that the Greek cities and policies were well depicted.

They fully represented the states and the policies in Greek. The rule by the councils more powerful to an extent that they could even take power from the king is what causes the big differences between the two political systems of Greece and the other ancient civilizations. Being almost pure oligarchy governing systems is a variation to the other ancient civilizations. 

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