American Culture

There was an array of changes in the social, economic, and political life of the American citizens throughout the 1820’s and 1830’s. These changes had a monumental influence on their life often causing changes that shaped the culture we see today. These changes took place at a welcome time in the society. A nation that was once marked by farmers transformed into an urbanized economic nation. This was the time when a distinct American culture emerged and defined its population. Transcendentalists were of the opinion that knowledge surpasses human perception. There were philosophers such as Ralph Waldo, Henry David, and poet Walt Whitman who fought for the independence and self-reliance of the populace. Different philosophers fought against slavery. One such figure was Garrison Lloyd William, an abolitionist whose literary works were very powerful. Anthony Susan was another abolitionist who tirelessly fought for the rights of the American women. Frederic Douglas, the first black writer and speaker, was an active voice in the fight against slavery. This was the era when the USA was classified as a developing nation (McKee and Schlenker, 2008).

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In the works of literature, there was a rise in a new trend known as the early American romanticism. The representatives included James Cooper, Kennedy, Bryant, and Washington Irving. Some of the themes rampant during this period were war of independence, life of the Indians, and the development of the new nation that was an independent America. There were some artists that contributed to the culture. The works of John Vanderlin and John Trumbull reflected on and comprised mostly the unfolding events in the American society as the developing nation. As the century entered its third decade, landscape painting was the main form of art, and a popular style amongst artists. It was a victorious time for the Americans since they had just attained independence, and they were working together to build a society that was reflected identity (Naylor, 2003).

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