Pros and Cons of Abortions

The debates about the morality of abortions have been held for many years. My own position towards this important issue is that an unborn child has the right to exist from the moment it comes to be, which is fertilization (Patrick, 2010). In my judgment, this issue is an important task to be solved in the nearest future for any nation, religion, background or ethnicity. It cannot become a norm to kill a human being intentionally, even if it is a human embryo.

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Abortion, to my mind, is the consequence of human’s decision or threat to face difficulties that are connected with pregnancy, undesired maternity, and many other reasons. This is always morally wrong. However,, unfortunately, not many people care about the moral side of this problem. It looks like everybody just cares about their well-being. It is inhuman to kill one’s own child even if he or she is an unborn embryo. According to the research, one of the most basic principles of our life is to possess an equal fundamental dignity. It is intrinsically unjust to kill an innocent human being for one’s own purpose (Patrick, 2010). My decision to defend the opinion against abortion came not accidently. My recent interest in such philosophical issues as morality, ethics, the meaning of life, where we came from, and others tends me to think over this problem and find out my current opinion on this topic. It is important to realize the meaning of the human life and the necessity of being in this life. That is why I am sure that abortion is a crime against human life.

The research asserts that there are many facts that can support my point of view. For example, most religions stay against abortion. Many religions and people consider a baby a God’s gift. In this regard, abortion appears to be an awful crime. No human being can act against the will of the creator of the human life. The second reason why I am against abortion is that abortion may lead to serious health complications. The woman who made abortion is always at risk of being unavailable to have children in the future. Finally, many women may experience a feeling of guilt and regret. Unpleasant memories can be the cause of depression and stress for the whole lifetime. One should keep this in mind when making a decision.

Nowadays, there are many people who support abortion for different reasons, and their reasons may have human sense. Sometimes, abortion may be the only decision for the betterment. There are situations when abortion is the only acceptable solution to the problem. For example, there are occasions when the woman’s life is in risk because of some illnesses or complications. In such cases, the only acceptable decision is to save mother’s life, not a child. There are cases when a mother is too young and has no abilities to raise a child. In such cases, abortion may be the only way out. Rape victims can be minors also. Life is full of choices, and the solutions cannot be standard in different situations. Every decision should be morally right. To my opinion, people should make decisions about which they would not regret in the future.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that my negative attitude towards abortion has not changed. During the research, I have learned that there are cases that lead to depression not only women, but men as well. It was new to know that different risk groups may be allowed to make abortions without breaking moral norms.

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The Ethics of Abortion Ethics
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