The Objective of Life and the Tao Te Ching

Living ethics is the science that aims to answer the question, ‘How to lead a life?’ It embraces many sides of a person’s life: happiness, abundance, moral issues, and, of course, life goals. It appeals to such questions as what the purpose of life is and how to choose life goals right.

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People strive to reach many objectives in the course of their lives. They question themselves if there is an ultimate purpose behind all these interim goals or if there is a higher sense in all of that. Some people tend to think there is a higher purpose, whereas others prefer to ignore that at all. In my opinion, these are two extremes. The purpose of life is in life itself ‑ it is in consciously leading fulfilling and happy life, making choices, accepting the consequences, and going one’s path. Aristotle came to the conclusion that the main objective in a person’s life is to be happy and to lead a happy life (Minch, 2011, p.91). To extend this theory, one can think of what happiness means. As a matter of fact, that is what every person decides for him/herself. Thus, the purpose is to define who we are and what we want, and to find our goals and sense of life and go for it. People are born to be strong personalities that make choices, fulfill their dreams, develop their skills, realize their potential, learn their lessons, and make themselves and people they love happy.

Unfortunately, many people narrow this vision down to the idea that they cannot be happy until they reach their goals, become professionals, make a fortune, and fulfill their dreams. This means that a person will never be happy, because there will always be new goals and new tasks. According to the oriental religious study Tao Te Ching, people must be happy right here and right now. Happiness is not only the result but the way to it, the process of making it true. This process is the life itself, in the course of which people understand themselves better, set objectives, achieve them, lose and win, meet new people, and make mistakes and right choices. Life is a sequence of different phases and one must live every stage to the fullest and enjoy it. People must be masters of their own lives who live in harmony with the Universe, endlessly aiming for more and living on the verge of their possibilities but satisfied and thankful for all they have now.

In conclusion, the purpose of life is to constantly make progress, set new tasks, express talents, and fulfill ambitions. People must get joy and satisfaction at every step on this way.

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