Gender Discrimination in Respect to Sex Expression

According to the article Transgender Equality Bill being Reviewed in Massachusetts, there is an ongoing legal exercise to formulate laws which protect transgender individuals from sexual predators as well as other aspects of their life that include workplace discrimination. Laws which will be used to determine whether men with women expressions can be allowed to use men’s restroom and women who possess men traits can use men’s restroom is being developed. Thus, prominent and competent lawyers with immense levels of transgender discrimination are sought in order to seek fair justice for these individuals.

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In another article: Men Can Stop Rape, men are directed in the manner for which they should become real men without engaging in violence. It is a new idea to comprehend that men are the key perpetrators of violence towards other men and women within any given society. 

Furthermore, there is the positive notion that has been developed in order to redefine masculinity so that effective strategies are used to encourage the male youth from allowing rape supportive attitudes rot their minds and hence provide vast support for gender equality through building their respective strong capabilities as men without having to commit any form of violence. Elements of homophobia, living male survivors of sexual assault as well as re-examination of the meaning of being a true man are identified and expounded in that matter.

It is also stated that being a true and real man overlooks the capacity to use masculinity in order to affect the perception of both men and women negatively. Notwithstanding social values that define the element of manhood has been used to fire-up a fundamental process of national integration of men so that they undergo extensive re-education process which challenges the effects of negative sexism.

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