The Ethics of Abortion

Abortion is an intriguing topic. This, perhaps, explains why debate on abortion has raged for a long time. Kaczor (2011) observed that, on the one hand, there are those who support abortion, while, on the other hand, there are those who oppose the issue. In this regard, I seek to indicate my responsibilities in an event that I am asked to participate in an abortion or provide radiological or sonographic information that could be used in the determination of whether a termination of pregnancy should proceed.

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As a medical practitioner, I am expected to adhere to professional ethics. Similarly, I have my ethical standards that I uphold. Professional ethical requirements may require practitioners to observe such principles as autonomy, beneficence, non-malfeasance, etc. Besides, as a religious person, I uphold teachings which direct that doing what is right is a duty, as opposed to an expectation. As such, I will rely both on my religious and professional backgrounds in addressing the issue. Based on my religious orientation, abortion is amoral. Thus, I am barred from participating in any aspect that facilitates its occurrence. However, as a medical practitioner, I have a duty to protect life. The question in the case is which life should be protected (the mother's or fetus' life).

My ethical responsibilities in the case would be to discharge my normal duties as a medical practitioner. This is because, as a professional, I have a duty to protect life. Secondly, I have a duty to advise hospital authorities on ethical issues that surround abortion concerns. I also have a duty to understand the reasons for the expected abortion. In my view, abortion is recommended when it is intended to save the life of a mother or when a pregnancy is unviable, or, it is a result of rape.

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