Every person attempts to be ideal: to follow certain rules, make good deeds, and adhere to the ethical norms. At the same time, it is of crucial importance to be ethical person because individual ethics influences the corporate one. Therefore, being an ethical human is a hard work based on own mistakes and weaknesses that helps to nurture a right person.

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As for me, I always seek to be as ethical as I think I am. Moreover, I do not consider any person worse than me because everyone chooses what to do with his or her life. At the same time, I understand that my actions do not always match my thoughts. Although my thoughts and intentions may be good and beneficial for somebody, my actual behavior can differ. Thus, I always know what will be best, but, for certain reasons, I may act not in the right ethical way. In this respect, I try to educate myself to look at my own behavior, and ponder how I would evaluate some person who performed the same deeds. I believe that it is vital to judge a human according to his or her conduct because it is the way I can judge my own ethics. Thereby, I attempt to be an ethical person, whereas it is not always an easy task.

Furthermore, individual ethics has a critical role not only for a person, but also for the company he or she works in because it formulates corporate ethics. Thus, personal ethics can reflect well, or not very well, on one's work and career. While individual behavior on the workplace is relevant to the conduct of the entire organization, a person should follow ethical norms in respect to people, as well as their business interactions. To prevent a moral conflict, individual and corporative ethics are often separated. Thus, people often draw a line between their work and personal life, and adhere their professional code of behavior.
Therefore, individual ethics is very important both for personal and work conduct. Whereas people often separate these two parts of their life and, in turn, maintain different ethical norms, it is vital to be a human in every situation.

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