The difference between men and women

The difference between men and women has been a contradictory issue since the beginning of humanity. Thus, the main aim of this paper is to compare and contrast these two sexes and explore the main factors that distinct them from each other.
First of all, physiological differences are the main obvious characteristics that point out the difference between man and women. Muscular system, the size of bones, strength, and other factors define their roles in the society. It is traditional for men to be stronger, more decisive, and responsible in order to support the family. On the contrary, women are traditionally responsible for carrying about their home and children. However, modern social roles of men and women have significantly changed compared to the past. Thus, performing the same social roles can be called a similarity between men and women of our times.

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It should also be mentioned that men and women have major psychological differences in the way they speak, think, and express their feelings. Communication skills depend on the communication center in human brain, which was proved to be bigger in women. Thus, it is generally easier for women to use language and process the words than for men. This feature can be demonstrated by the fact that women pay exceptional attention to the meaning of the words trying to read between the lines. Additionally, women are more likely to comprehend other people’s body language and facial expression.

Probably, one of the most debatable questions is a decision on whether men or women are more capable for logical thinking. Multiple researches show that in the process of decision making men are more likely to involve logical thinking rather than emotional feelings compared to women. Another issue that proves distinctive features between men and women is the problem solving process. Men are usually more independent and prefer solving their problems on their own. Women tend to get stressed easily, so they often discuss the things that worry them with other people. However, it does not mean that women expect someone to help; it is just the way of expressing their feelings that is completely different from the way men deal with problems.

Furthermore, sexual desire depends on the area of brain that is significantly bigger in men’s brain. It explains the fact that men in comparison to women tend to think about sex more often. Sexual attraction is usually more important to men than to women.
Men and women behave differently in conflict situations. Women are more likely to avoid conflicts, while men are more aggressive. It is more typical for women’s nature to maintain peace, while men can easily recognize their opponents and it is not easy to stop them when they feel that someone threatens or challenges them.

Thus, women are much more emotional, while men are more rational. There are major physiological and psychological differences that define the ways different sexes communicate, work, think, and feel. However, the modern world has led to the appearance of a similarity between men and women and it is based on overlapping of the social roles.

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