Similarities of Marriage and Having a Life Partner Relationship

Having a life partner is very similar to having a wife. This is because they both require the same: dedication, love, and faithfulness. The only difference is that one does not have to worry about a divorce in life partner relationships, while these are the issues that one has to think about whenever there are quarrels in a marriage. Every other single thing from befriending, knowing each other and then the final decision to live together are all similar. The commitments and regulations while the people are either in marriage or in life partnership are all similar.

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In both cases, you have to meet someone that you would want to be with for the rest of your life. The partner has to be someone with similar interests and most values should articulate the two. People are to know each other very well in order to develop love and trust. When they go out for dates in both cases, none of the partners should be worried about the other because they trust them and have fallen deeply in love with them. Further, in both cases, each of the partners has to make a decision that he or she wants to spend the whole life with this very person. The couple develops a connection that can be reached only between them and never with any other person. The two partners have to remain faithful and avoid sleeping with other people apart from their chosen partner. Finally, these values have to allow them to live together and place their lives with their respective partner.

In both cases, one must dedicate their life to their partner. After meeting the person, one would need to examine beyond any reasonable doubt that the person they are engaged with are suitable for growing old together. It has to be a mutual feeling and never one-sided. The partner should be someone that you can die for if needed. Most importantly, the two people would need to have similar values about life, hence will need to forge a way to delve deep into each others’ character. They can do this through dates and spending a lot of time together. Finally, whether in marriage or in life partner relationship, the two people would be required to be faithful to each other. They should be able to count on each other and develop trust. Once you enter into any of the two, you get a responsibility of remaining faithful. One stops having meaningless relationships with anyone out of this bond. The couple in any of the two relationships should be able to count on each other at all times, no matter how tricky the situation might look or sound.

Finally, the two people must be joined by mutual feeling of comfort when they are together. They should improve this to levels where they always want to be together. At this stage it would have developed into mutual love. This means that each of them should feel a different way when they are with their partners from the times they are with other people. While with their partners, they should feel serenity and emotional tranquility, which keeps the couple close to each other at all times. At the advanced levels, they would reach a point when they would die for each other. They would not always be looking for reasons to part, but they should always talk their differences. The couple should be able to face life challenges together.

I was once married and now I stay in a life relationship and when I compare the two, I believe that I would never get married again because it is so expensive, yet I feel the same about having a partner. From my experience, I believe that marriage and divorce are the means for the government to make money from, yet one can get the same benefits from a life relationship as in a marriage. These two forms of relationship are, in my opinion, not different in any significant manner because the levels of commitment and responsibility are similar.

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