My Life in the Past Versus My Life Now

Education, love life, and family form the basis of similarities and differences that exist between my life now and in the past. I consider them as supreme to my success in life today. Although the perceptions I had in my past were works of timidity and inexperience, they still hold water up to now. I still do respect my parents, family and friends, as I did many years ago. However, the current feeling, which I carry about life, varies in many ways as compared to that, which I had in my past.

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My past life was remarkably candid. I lived in a small cottage with my parents. They were the main bread winners, and I had no choice but to look to them for help. My education had its base on their guidance. I can remember how my father was fond of punishing me whenever I did not achieve high grades. He encouraged me to keep up competing with other children in my hood. My social life was comprised of wrangles and fights with my peers. We had many childhood games, mostly after school and on weekends. We had a passion for the museum and the swimming pools. Soccer and football were my favorite kinds of sport. I was either an active participant or a spectator. I did believe in hard work and persistence.

Time brings about change. I did not understand the value of advice that my friends always told me. I value my friends now, and they are core to my success. My family is still the main body of information I adore. I respect my parents, and still visit them. However, I live in my own apartment now, with less dependence on them. I still watch sports but rarely actively participate. Education is no longer a competition but the source of inspiration and better life. My present life sounds more significant, in comparison to that in the past.

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