Life before Internet versus Life after Internet

Long ago before the introduction of internet facilities, many operations were being handled manually. For instance, a company had to keep its records manually by writing down their sales, annual profits, payments to their employees among other things in their books. Generally, this activity was tedious but the organizations had to adapt to the situation since they had no better alternative of handling their operations.

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Communication was also very slow before the introduction of internet. This meant that people had to send their messages via post offices which were generally slow. Emergency could never be attended to since the messages send via post offices were delivered late than expected. Further, in the olden days, people were forced to send messages to their friends and relatives by word of mouth. For instance, if a person was travelling from one place to another, say from town to upcountry, he or she was sent to deliver some messages verbally. This kind of message delivery was not reliable since the information given stood many chances of being distorted. Message given from the first person was not the same as the one delivered by a second party.

Education provided to the learners at the olden days cannot be compared to the one availed to modern learners. In the past, there was few research materials that could enable students come up with various solutions to the problems.

Introduction of internet to most parts in the world have really changed many lives. Fast communications have been achieved. A person intending to send a message to the recipients end does so within a short while, say two minutes. This has enhanced reliability and hence people can respond to an emergency as soon as possible. Ways of communicating using internet includes use of live chats, use of e mails among others.

Many students, lecturers/ instructors, and researchers have benefited from the use of internet facilities. It is much easier to obtain relevant information needed from the internet facility compared to literally researching it in the libraries. Organizations are also among the beneficiaries of the internet facilities. Use of modern internet has allowed them to keep accurate records on their day in day out operations. Companies have been in a position to use minimum resources for maximum returns.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that introduction of internet facilities have improved the lives of many. Despite little explicit content such as the pornographic materials, internet is still a place to be. Parents should guide their children on morality so as to ensure that they use the facility wisely.

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