History of the west vs History of the east

There were certain aspects called into question such as military dominance, war appetites, the pursuit of wealth, technology domination over natural processes and resources. Writers believed that their own cultures had other characteristics which could be seen as alternatives to West. First, they emphasized peaceful development common for their states. Then, they spoke about following natural processes and avoiding shallow views on things. Their countries had to avoid military conflicts and issues West was facing in order to develop successfully. Nevertheless, all of these writers were stereotypical to some extent because they viewed West only as a machine which produced money and war. They also viewed their countries as peaceful harbors devoted to spiritual growth, but it was not so. One can say that both West and East have positive and negative characteristics, and one cannot idealize countries or make them look like an absolute evil.

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The economy of Latin America was dependent in a sense of competition. It could not “fight” against cheap and high-quality products from the West, and it was struggling to survive in that competition. At the present moment, one can also speak about economic dependency. In this case, it is connected to globalization. Nowadays people have to realize that countries are not closed vacuums. Economy of one country affects another country, and it goes on. Thus, competition becomes global, and countries are dependent on states which have the biggest amount of resources and power. In this case, one can also speak about monopolization of resources and increasing competition when those who lack needed resources and finances struggle the most.

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