Cyber Stalking and Bullying in Comparison to Real Traditional-Stalking

Cyber-bullying is the use of technological devices to cause embarrassment, harassment or in other cases threats to un-suspecting person. This vice is rampant amongst the young people. On the other hand, cyber-stalking involves technological threats made to the adults. Unlike with the traditional harassment or embarrassment, cyber bullying involves a vast number of people since it is conducted over the internet. Cyber-bullying is considered to be on the increase given the fact that more youths and teenagers continue to have access to personal technological devices hence adding to the statistics of those likely to be bullied and stalked in that matter.

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Unlike traditional bullying where physical presence of the bully is known, in case of cyber bully and stalkers the criminals remain unknown. Therefore, it becomes difficult to establish the degree of threat or harassment and thus, becomes challenging to report the matter to relevant authorities. Basing on the aforementioned facets, it thus becomes clear that containing cyber-bullying and stalking becomes costly since time and money are used in trying to figure out the exact criminal. The longer it takes to find the criminal then more money is spent.

However, on the other hand, traditional bullying sometimes becomes real and cause harm to those affected. This is because threats might end up being transformed into real violence in the case that the criminal thinks that the bullied person has shrugged-off the threat. In that case, it is safe to assume that traditional bullying is more risky and real in comparison to its cyber counterpart.

In my opinion, cyber-bullying is the worst of the two. This is because the bullied and stalked person becomes vulnerable to the threats since they fail to know the real person. This, in turn, translates to psychological trauma and financial instability in case efforts are made to establish the individual criminal or gang.

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