Cablevision vs. Fox

Cablevision and Fox are one of the top cable television providers that are known to man. Cablevision, on the other hand, needs Fox in order to ensure that the company is able to supply all the channels that its subscribers have paid for. However, there has been a dispute between these two giants. At one time, Fox channels were cut off from the systems of Cablevision because of the fact that a deal has not been perfected between the two of them. Fox raised the price of the programming fees that Cablevision was paying them. When Cablevision refused such increase on the prices, Fox did not hesitate to cut off the programs they provide to Cablevision. As a result of which, many customers of Cablevision ended up missing shows and programs that they actually paid for. Most of the Americans were mad at the event because of the fact that they missed their favourite shows and the ongoing championship of the World Series Baseball. It has to be noted that Americans are big on their games. They pay for the program channels and they wanted full service. However, they ended up disappointed because their programs went missing. Fox explained that the dispute on the increase on the programming fees is the main reason why certain programs were cut off. In the end though, Fox won the scene when Cablevision ended up agreeing with the terms and conditions that Fox has set forth in order to resume regular programming. Many are confused and are not in favour with the situation, but Cablevision has no other choice but to adhere to a greater power and influence. In this situation, it can be seen that there is a great discrepancy between the execution of power and influence in the field of business management and customer service.

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In this regard, it cannot be denied that Fox Company has the call on the situation. It is a gigantic company and it has total and overall control over any other small firms that are dependent on the company for their programming needs. Business is business as they call it. No matter what happen and no matter what the stakes are, the biggest company among any other competitions are the one who will make the shots and they are the ones who have the control and influence as to what has to be done and what should be done accordingly. This is the reason why companies are trying and doing their very best in order to get to the top and to succeed in their business in so far as control and power are concerned (Bessembinder, 2003). It does not matter whether or not the customers and the clients of Cablevision will be mad at Fox Company by cutting of the programs. It is not Fox`s problem but that of Cablevision. There are other cable providers that pay Fox and contribute to its growth as a huge corporation. It is for this very reason that Cablevision has to bow down to Fox. They will definitely be in great trouble if they lose their fair share of the cable industry`s market. In the world today where people no longer use antenna to acquire local television channels, Cablevision should step up in order to ensure that people will subscribe to their business and earn huge amount of profitability. Since most of the Americans are into sports network, Cablevision cannot have the programs most of their customers are subscribed to be cut off if they want to remain in the business. It is in this regard it can be said that Fox Company has the advantage in the dispute (Kurtz, 2010).

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