Asexual vs. Sexual

Talking about asexual reproduction, it is important to note that it has different advantages. First of all, species with this kind of reproduction can remain in the same safe and stable place for years and do not need males to reproduce. Secondly, it is common knowledge that sexual reproduction forces animals to waste a lot of energy and time since they have to find the species of opposite sex and attract them. On the contrary, in asexual reproduction one female is enough to breed, and thus it is faster. Furthermore, the aforementioned species are reproduced in great amounts so that they are more likely to survive in the environment full of predators.

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However, sexual reproduction is also considered to be beneficial for some reasons. Its main advantages involve the ability of species to create new generation, differing from the previous one with better chances of survival in predator’s or unstable environment due to genetic variation. Moreover, there are no clones as in the case with species of asexual reproduction so that all newborn species have unique genetic codes. Eventually, it fosters the processes of evolution, diversion of characters and makes species better and compatible, which is not the case in asexual reproduction.

The example of fish in the ponds of Sonora provided in the video shows the benefits which can be derived from sexual reproduction and the role of male in this process, as well as it reveals the effect of new environment on species. First of all, it supports the idea that asexual reproduction is suitable only for stable, non-changing environment since otherwise the species of this type are in danger of being eliminated or consumed by predators never known to them before. In turn, some species start to use sexual reproduction which finally leads to genetic variations and improvements of these species, giving them more chances to survive. Therefore, sexual reproduction is presented as a key element in evolution, enabling the species to transfer and exchange the data contained in genes and, as a result, to improve their current possibilities to survive and bring a new challenge to predators and others.

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