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Argus international is a professional organization that provides a market place to make well-thought decisions. The organization offers products and services in the following category with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction.

1. Safety

The company incorporates Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ), which is a third party due to diligence system that is commonly used by buyers, charter operators, and passengers from different parts of the world. They also have check point systems that facilitate clarification on a pilot safety history (Drury, 1994).

2. Advisory services

The organization assesses a customer’s current and future tendencies to travel and may recommend partial or whole ownership of an aircraft. They also conduct market research  and provide information to aircraft manufacturers and aviation service providers about prevailing conditions.

3. Professional resources in systems management (PRISM)

This service is designed specifically to help operators in adherence and overcoming challenges presented to them by standards and regulations. To achieve this, they provide manuals, training, consultation services, facilitation services, and safety management systems (SMS) solutions.


Wyvern Aviation Safety Intelligence is an organization whose expertise lies in charter safety. It is a subsidiary of Avinode international. The organization offers services in safety aviation, auditing, consulting, and information services (Drury, 1994). In addition, the organization offers consultation services. It has standards that outline the requirements of pilots as well as auditors (Mckinnon, 2002).

An organization that frequently uses charter flights will find it important to use the services provided by these organizations because it will have a competitive advantage in market (Oster, 1992). This is so because once these logos appear, they are convincing enough to customers regarding their safety in that the organization subscribes to the standards to ensure quality services. These organizations are also useful when it comes to hiring operators as those certified by them have met  all the standards imposed, and thus effective delivery is guaranteed.

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