Written Team Business Concept Proposal Gulf Bank of Kuwait

This is a report about the paper that illustrates the report on the gulf bank in Kuwait. The paper is trying to seek the solution to the problems that the paper system has brought to the bank. Issues of data loss and alteration have of late been reported in a great percentage. As a result, the management department of the Gulf Bank decided to have the information storage system replaced. The crystal software system was the choice of many and is out to be implemented soon.

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This paper seeks to explain the reasons as to why the old paper based system needs to be replaced and why the management chooses the crystal software system over all other system. The paper also seeks to find the main objectives and aims of the project. The overall purposes for this paper will be to help the Gulf Bank seek proposals for business initiatives and community based partnerships which will in future contribute or rather be of help to the bank community at large in terms of development. The project proposal will also be of great help to the Bank since it will help it in one way or another to win and enhance its image amongst the community thus upgrade its status to be a socially responsible organization.

The bank hopes that by replacing the old system with the new crystal software system, technology will eventually gain its way in Kuwait since the new systems will now call for computer orientation education meaning for one to be employed in a bank then he/she must be holding the computer oriented qualification. The bank also anticipates that by changing the old system it will actually improve the lives of many people as well as pave way for the technology development in Kuwait. The new program will need people to be aware and actually informed on how to operate the system

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