Workforce Shortages in Healthcare


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 The shortage of health officers in various facilities is increasing and the catastrophe seems to be cutting inside this sector like a surgical blade. The management of these facilities is crying foul about this situation, and is calling upon the government to do something. This looming danger is being felt from nurses to surgeons. This situation seems to bring a looming danger to the lives of ailing individuals. This aspect seems to be bringing a disaster in the quality service that these facilities aim at offering. The population of the nations has been studied to grow enormously giving way to grievous danger (Buerhaus, Staiger & Auerbach, 2009).

This crisis seems to be a pin in the flesh of various facilities who risk closing to ensure that ailing people receive treatment in better facilities. This looming crisis is becoming a pain in the flesh as many people risk losing their lives as they may lack health officials during emergency times. This crisis is bringing tension among the people, and the government too. This crisis has been linked to various aspects including the retirement time. The number of those retiring is increasing, and the number to replace them is low. This aspect has made the government increase the retirement years to help them cover for replacing groups.

The other aspect that is related to the looming crisis is the enrollment in colleges and universities. There was a prophecy which claimed that over the rising years, the number of health officers would be many causing flooding to this sector. This prophecy made the government come up with legislative laws that would govern this sector. This made the Government Issue sanctions which restricted colleges and universities admit a specified number of students. This aspect has played the biggest role in the looming shortage. The time to learn various courses like surgery is also another problem as it takes a long time of about 12 years. With the rate at which many are retiring, then it’s a serious problem to replace that workforce. Another problem that leads to the looming shortage is the lack of proper distribution of the workforce. This leads to many officers being posted to one facility while other facilities receive fewer work forces (Snyder & Rutgers University. 2006).

There are various short-term practices that have been suggested to ensure that this crisis is reduced. Some of the short-term practices include the increment of the original workforce. Ensuring that the current workforce is well utilized, will lead to an achievement of improved services. Health employee work for long hours, and face numerous sights that are not pleasing to the eyes. To ensure better performance from the current workforce, then the remunerations, and payment of this workforce should be increased. This aspect will promote their working spirits, and enhance improved services (Kolba, 2004).

Part of the long-term strategies that will enhance and reduce the crisis of workforce shortage is the increase of remuneration and payment. This is because many people tend to pursue professional courses which are well paying and have better terms. This will increase the level of those being admitted in the colleges and universities. The government should also make sure that it releases better resources that are aimed at improving this sector. The government should also ensure that in all learning facilities there are training facilities which are equal to the number of students. The government should abolish the rule that limits the number of enrollment in the universities and colleges. The other plan is for the sector to ensure that it distributes its staff evenly. This will ensure that each facility receives the same number of workers (Huston, 2006).

To achieve this, the government should play an upper hand in this process. Organizations like those that focus on health matters should be formed to ensure that these goals are achieved. An example of these associations includes the association of nurses which is an American association. This association was formed to overlook on matters that relate to health issues. This association focuses on the training, and expertise administered to students, and certification of nurses, and providing information about the field of nursing (Buerhaus, Staiger, & Auerbach, 2009).


The life of human beings should be protected using every means possible. This aspect is leading to many governments ensuring that it allocates equitable resources to this sector. The nurturing of young professions also leads to better growth of the sector. The government should look unto the matters regarding health in a more focused way to ensure that better services are provided.

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