Wells Fargo Store Manager

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The Wells Fargo & Company is a prestigious multinational corporation, which provides a wide range of financial services to include retail, commercial, and corporate financial services. The company is a strong financier due to its impeccable corporate strategy of cross selling, which generally encourages the already existing clients to purchase further banking products. This strategy has enabled the company to grow profit-wise, as well as in its acquisition of numerous assets all over the globe. These qualities, coupled with the fact that my uncle used to work for this Company and that he was frequently heard praising the company for its good employee packages, drew me into taking a business and managerial career with the sole aim of working for the international company.

There are several things I have considered while deciding to take up a store management vocation once I finished my degree program. Some of them includes the demands and working hours of the job and whether they fall within my capabilities. The main education requirement is a degree, preferably in business and management, which I will soon acquire in my degree program. Other skills are also necessary, like customer service, leadership, preparation and organizing, commercial awareness, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which I have acquired throughout the learning process.

Seemingly, the company offers competitive salary packages for store managers, which range between $45,000 and $55,000. Even though there are other factors, like the location of the store, educational background, and the size of the store, the wages are sizeable bearing in mind the duties and responsibilities the manager has. Apart from the salaries, the managers also enjoy benefits of medical insurance, pension, paid holidays, and sick leaves, amongst others. All these help in motivating the employees, reducing the company’s turnover of the skilled workers, and maximizing service delivery.

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