The rules of Business Ethics

Business ethics is considered to be one of the most important issues in business. It comprises appropriate communication between businessmen and customers as well. Business ethics is the basis of every single business because apart from earning money, every company tries to have a mutual relationship as well as a friendly environment at work. Nevertheless, not every company follows the basic ethical rules and requirements.

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The bright example may be Facebook. This social network is deeply ingrained in the mentality of the individuals. It is one of the best ways to communicate and share ideas. People all over the world join it and find it quite useful. Nevertheless, apart from communicating most users share their personal information and photos with the help of Facebook. Actually, they do not provide a lot of personal information only basic. However, users even do not realize that Facebook knows more than common information about them.

In accordance with the article “Facebook Doesn’t Tell Users Everything It Really Knows about Them,” there is such information as sensitive data, income, and types of places the users like to visit (Angwin). There are some notes about users’ preferences or likes, but they cannot be compared with significant information Facebook covers. According to the article, Facebook site gets information from various resources. The most common source is commercial data brokers. Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, states that Facebook bundles many data companies to keep track of a certain customer (Angwin). Taking into account the mentioned information, Facebook site does not follow any ethical rules and requirements. Consequently, users are not protected and their sensitive information may be spread with a blasting speed. As a result, if Facebook site does not stop doing the mentioned thing, it will lose users and respect as well.

Actually, business ethics is a complex notion and not every company knows what it involves. Initially, business ethics is connected with moral rules and norms that every company has to follow. In accordance with the article “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility,” business ethics varied greatly (Goel and Ramanathan 50). Every firm has certain moral requirements and rules that should be followed. Nevertheless, there is one more important issue that should be covered in the context of business ethics. It is corporate social responsibility. Consequently, Business Corporations are responsible for taking care of owners, customers, employees, and vendors rather than the owners alone. Initially, corporate social responsibility is a fee charged on the returns taken from the wrongs committed by entrepreneurship to pay for their rights.

In order to identify indicators for corporate social responsibility, there was a survey conducted by the magazine The Corporate Responsibility (Goel and Ramanathan 56). It was identified that such areas as governance, environmental sustainability, philanthropy, and diversity are main indicators for corporate social responsibility. If the mentioned parts follow the basics of ethics, the rule of the company will not have any problems with the communication as well as a relation between workers. Therefore, every company has to teach the employees that they are responsible for certain tasks. Only in such way the whole company will be able to follow the concepts of the corporate social responsibility.

All in all, both articles provide useful information about business ethics. The article “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” illustrates the theoretical background of the corporate social responsibility. The article “Facebook Doesn’t Tell Users Everything It Really Knows about Them” shows the example of the company that avoids following the rules of business ethics. Consequently, both business ethics and corporate social responsibility are the constituent parts of every successful company.

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