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Develop a Possible Mission Statement for Yao Ming

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Yao Ming is a professional basketball player currently playing for the National Basketball Association. According to the current recognition, he can be considered a perfect example of a successful sportsman. Yao Ming tries to foster peace across the universe through many charity initiatives, for example, promotion of the sports label. Currently, he owns a shoe label and coordinates programs that offer outreach for the people in both Asia and America.

The player can gain more recognition from other people through marketing. Yao Ming uses his fame in basketball to promote the commodity market. His primary goal is to rein the American and Asian markets just like his counterparts: Kobe Bryant and the legendary Shaquille O’Neil.

Based on the Information Provided Develop a SWOT Analysis for Yao Ming


Yao Ming is a gifted basketball player of the National Basketball Association. It is wise that the market and fame work together in building the player’s marketability. The fact that the current reputation of Yao is beneficial to his own professional life is only a perfect timing. The response that the Asian community has after the player had joined the League and become a star is significant. The player has the necessary physical abilities that make him a perfect figure in the sport. He is currently ranked amongst the top athletes who are conquering the global scene today.


It is inevitable that Yao’s presence in the League is limited by certain drawbacks. Despite the general pandemonium following his success and achievements, the sportsman has to work hard to boost his market significance.

First, according to the recent social drive, the player has to be agile and promising in his career. Yao Ming has been great in his performance despite the club of participation. For better market performance, he needs to be more promising and attractive to his fans. This is noted by the results and efforts put during the competition. Nevertheless, he still relies on the past victories and achievements in building his profession.

The fact that he is an Asian and does not speak English creates a barrier in the marketability. Team spirit is vital for field performance; thus, language barrier is unacceptable for both the player and team. He speaks Chinese and needs a translator for normal communication with other people. For the clubs desiring to hire him, this fact is a total put off.


With the growing fanaticism in basketball, Yao Ming has potential to utilize the recognition. He has created a shoe label industry that has boosted his status significantly. Trends across the global market industry promise that he can invest more in his field performance; thus, his overall status is likely to increase. This entails more practice for better performance and global recognition.

It is important for the player to create a local symbol back in Asia. This move will increase the player’s market strength. The local society considers him a significant figure that succeeds in sport; therefore, it would be motivating for him to utilize the local fame.


Yao Ming has achieved a significant share in the hearts of many people across the globe, but there are still some threats. Today, reduced performance index would crash Yao’s progress inevitably. Competition from other Asian players puts him at risk of losing his support. Many individuals have come for better representation of their home areas. The new players create a serious challenge to Yao today.

Guided by Yao Ming’s Mission Statement in the First Question Using the SWOT Analysis Formulate Five Possible Marketing Strategies for Yao Ming to Pursue and Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Strategy.

Yao Ming has to create development programs and institutions for local sports back in Asia. It is only inspiring if he could share and support young talents at his home area. This step will provide him with a young support and general recognition as the sports institutions will be associated with his name. On the other hand, it is a challenging strategy considering the financial strength required for maintaining such institutions and programs. This WO strategy might be beneficial.

Another one is the SO strategy that involves expanding of Yao’s label industry through introduction of the new products in the market. Considering that he has ruled the League for some time, more clothes, and other sporting goods apart from shoes are the key products. This step would bring better market recognition and strength his financial sector.

Yao Ming can create charity organizations that will benefit from his global performance and recognition. This means that all players would be able to help the society by supporting the charity initiatives of this project. Professionally, he would be a symbol of community building in both America and Asia. This SO strategy uses the player’s strength to improve his reputation.

Yao should get involved in more activities that would improve his oratory skills. He needs to speak English for a better and more effective communication. Consequently, he would be confident to work with many individuals both on and off the field. This ability would even make him more qualified for other prestigious clubs. Nevertheless, managing the time for practice and learning might be a difficult task.

In terms of field performance and awareness, Yao Ming needs to get involved in other non-field activities, for example, advertising or cinema. Players like Ray Allen have built their reputation on these areas and it would be beneficial for Yao too. People, who have not been aware of Yao, would discover his abilities and talents in a wider scope. On the other hand, it might be difficult for him to work with other individuals, who are already experienced in the field.

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