Stonyfield Farm Report

Stonyfield farm is an organization situated in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Its major activity is the production of organic yogurt. It was established in 1983, its founder being Sir Samuel Kaymen. Mr. Kaymen established it as an organic farming school, which later on became a yogurt making farm. Currently, the company is known all over the US in making the leading brand of yogurt.

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Since its inception in 1983, stonyfield farm mission have been to maximize their stakeholders value by consistently ensuring quality services are availed to its customers so as to enhance satisfaction. They have also strived to ensure that their products are safe and secure for consumers. Further, the company also aims at ensuring satisfaction of its employees. This mission has been vital to the company, and contributes to its performance in the competitive field.

The companies goals include achieving world class standards in production and delivery of their products, to be the best and choice of the prevailing market in production of yogurt and further to pursue a promising business that will enhance profitability.

To its customers, the company came up with an idea of producing organic yogurts, which is beneficial to their lives. Researchers’ show that organic farming allows one to lead a healthy live and further ensures environmental conservation. We can summarize the importance of this company in the following way. First, it produces healthy food that’s good for consumption. Healthy food means people will live healthy live. Such healthy living thus leads to a healthy world (Gray & Choi, 2010).

Keeping inventory has always been a common problem to most industries. Poor inventory management has more often than not resulted in loss making which in the long run contemplates business shutdowns. Stonyfield farm has managed its inventories by employing qualified staff who can handle businesses well. The employed professions are required to keep inventories of the entire company and present a report of the company’s financial position. This report is not only presented to the company managers but also publicized for the consumers.

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