Personal Definition of Leadership


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There is no definite definition of leadership, but the fundamental definition by many scholars is that Leadership is the process that brings out the best in a person by inspiring and motivating them to commit their energies, skills and their talents to realize the main objectives of a group. It is the process through which a personal in a superior position influences a group of individuals to achieve a common objective in a given organization. On the other hand, my personal definition of leadership is that it is the ability of an individual to control his or her thoughts, have a sense of direction in life and to commit himself or herself to realize his or her main goal . It is the process through which individuals take their own experiences of their cultural programming and habituation by interacting with other people in their personal and professional lives. The individual therefore is compelled to develop a positive image and courage to tackle the challenges to be successful. The individual therefore confronts the obstacles facing him or her with confidence that demonstrates true personal leadership. Personal leadership can be practiced to a certain degree but it can also be exploited to the fullest potential depending on the ability of a particular person. A person should therefore be in possession of the basic knowledge of personal leadership, training and experience to practice personal leadership to its fullest potential.

Personal leadership therefore is the ability to motivate and inspire oneself to achieve a particular goal. The practice of personal leadership is a valuable process that all the people should strive to have because it leads to the effective guidance of people in a given organization. It instills the personal discipline and adherence to the code of conduct that governs a person and the whole society in general. Personal leadership breaks the barrier of cultural differences and diverse societal inadequacies and makes it easier for a person to work with other people he had never interacted with before. Through personal leadership, a person is able to control personal experiences and keep true personal feelings such as anger in check in order to conform to the norms and ethics of the group and thereby enabling the person to serve the group better. For instance, when a person feels offended or annoyed by an individual in a group, the knowledge of personal leadership is essential because it ensures that the person thinks critically before making a rush decision.

This leads to the elimination of unnecessary feelings of hatred and disharmony in the group. It is achievable when people manage to separate their internal experiences from the external circumstances. In the context of the current working environment, the employees of any given organization are recruited from different national, ethnic, racial, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations. It is through personal leadership that one is able to embrace all these diverse factors and work together in harmony for the realization of the common goal. Personal leadership therefore offers an opportunity to a group of people comprised of diverse cultural background to consider their act of behavior and subsequently act in a manner that is desirable. This also makes it easier for a person to access higher and extensive levels of learning and personal insight, creativity, innovation and mutual cooperation in his professional career. The intellectual information gained through the process of personal leadership plays a big role in the development of enduring relationships in an organization.


I have learnt that the process of personal leadership that is designed to help us work to the best of our ability and to our fullest potential. It brings out the best in us and makes it possible for us to integrate into a group that is composed of diverse cultural differences. It is also easier work in new working environments and handles projects that are unfamiliar to us with confidence and courage of an informed leader

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