No Job Is Safe and Never will Be

Many people believe that if they have once found a job, they will never lose it. However, this belief is false. In fact, to remain competitive in the job market, everyone should work on this issue. However, choosing the right career may help to escape from the problem of finding a good job. This paper will focus on the ways that help to become or remain competitive in the job market and will emphasize some careers that are safe from being outsourced.

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There are some ways to make a person competitive in the job market and successful in one’s career. People should always be ready to master new skills. Employers are often looking for a perfect employee who has a variety of competencies. Professional skills are the key point that distinguishes candidates from one another. Therefore, a person must broaden his or her expertise in the field of work and acquire new knowledge. The employee can always learn new strategies and methods of working. Seminars, webinars, and courses will provide an opportunity to learn from professionals and reach the top of career development. Moreover, it is good to be a creative worker. The modern technology replaces the need for human labor increasingly. However, demonstrating creative skills is a proof that automation cannot surpass the human potential, because “creativity is one of your greatest weapons against the machines that could possibly replace you” (Wilson, 2015). Thus, a person has to show his or her best in the chosen career line.

The development of language skills is very useful in the job market. They are desirable by global employers that aim to deal with customers and enter into business partnerships internationally. Thus, fluency in languages is “an essential skill to being competitive in the marketplace” (Chau & Jewsbury, 2013). The knowledge of foreign languages provides advantages in employment and protects a person from a job loss.

Another condition for a successful career and competitiveness is initiative. The more a worker is trying new things and taking on responsibilities that do not belong to his or her usual duties, the more opportunities he or she has in terms of training and career development. When a person has a possibility to hit the ground running, there is no place for procrastination. In such a case, the employer will see the willingness and capacity of the employee. It may give a positive experience and result to both parties.
Additionally, traveling is not only a time of rest, but also a source of experience in the career of a person. Burying oneself in other culture gives an opportunity to solve problems in different ways, which is an advantage over competitors in the job market. Moreover, studying abroad is extremely valuable for the future career.

Despite competitiveness, some careers are safe from being outsourced. Thus, there are no problems to find a job for doctors. Moreover, “they are generally able to find work almost anywhere they wish, with significantly above-average pay prospects” (Simpson, 2012). Other positions, such as nurses and medical assistants have reliable and stable employment. Additionally, it is easy to find a job for lawyers since the number of vacancies is growing. Other desirable workers are people from the sphere of education, culinary services and repair technicians. These professions are common and useful in everyday life and therefore cannot be outsourced.

To conclude, in contemporary society, it is not easy to find a job and even harder not to lose it. However, there are some useful recommendations how to become or remain competitive in the job market. A person should not stop his or her career progress. He or she must strive for the continuous development of skills and abilities. However, people of some professions do not have problems with employment because some jobs cannot be outsourced because of the need for real-life employees.

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