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The performance of any institution or organization depends on the management practices employed in running the operations. The various resources within an organization need to be coordinated well to achieve the objective of the organization. The greatest asset of any organization is people. Employees form a critical role in the performance of any given organization. Care should thus be taken to ensure the employees perform to their best. This would only be achieved by employing the best people management practices. The productivity of any organization depends on the input of the employees and, thus, effort should be put to ensure the environment of work is improved. People are the most valuable asset in the work of any organization. This paper discusses the lessons learnt from effective people management practices. A relation is also made in regard to the practices of human resource management.

Lessons on Effective People Management Practices

Effective people management practices focus on the improvement of the employees as an important resource within the operations of a company; effective people management focuses on the development and maintenance of the employee capacity within an organization. Effective people management practices act as a success factor and contribute to the performance of an organization. The businesses that emerge successful are those that endeavor to develop and retain the best human capital. This will be achieved in line with attracting and motivating the employees to achieve the set objectives of the company. This can be achieved by applying the best strategies in running the organization. Several lessons emanate from people management practices (Figallo, 2002).

There is a need to train the human resource within the organization. Training helps to develop the employees, by equipping them with the best skills to handle the changing needs of the organization. Training assists in improving the capability of the employees and ensuring their skills are up to date. The increased advancement in technology and the extensive use of technology in the operations of an organization necessitates constant training. This will keep the employees at par with the advancing technology. This strategy improves the performance and the productivity of an organization, thus, a better tool in the people management practices (Beck & Hillmar, 1986).

There is a need to reward the achievement of the employees within an organization. Organizations and businesses should set goals to be achieved. Those employees who perform beyond the set targets or those who hit the set targets should be rewarded. Rewarding the employees shows a sign of appreciation. The employees will embrace the business and work hard towards achieving the objectives of the organization. Rewarding the employees serves to motivate them. In organizations where the employees are motivated, performance is higher compared to other institutions where motivation is not prioritized. Any management focuses on improving  performance. Motivation is a key strategy in improving the performance of an organization. This is a vital lesson in the effective people management practices (People Management Resources, 2000).

It is necessary to involve the employees in running the organization. The performance of any given organization depends on coordinated effort. Coordinated effort is, thus, necessary in achieving better performance within an organization. Development of an organization can only be achieved when the involvement of the employees in the operations is enhanced. Involvement of employees should not be guided by favor. All employees should be treated in the same manner to ensure equity in the performance of various roles by the employees. Involving employees in the management of the business creates diversity in the performance of that organization. Employees possess different ideas regarding the approach that should be used in undertaking a given activity within the business. The presence of the various ideas gives the management a chance to choose among the many options presented and come up with the best. This enhances diversity in the operations of the business. Involvement of the employees in the operations of a business is, thus, a vital aspect in the development. This is an essential lesson from the people management practices.

Human Resource Management Practices and Effectiveness of a Manager

The lessons learnt from the people management practices form a core basis of the functions of the human resource management. The department of human resource management in any organization is tasked with the role of ensuring the proper functioning on the part of the human resource. The core objective of human resource management is to develop the human capital. In this regard, the lessons learnt from the effective people management practices have a direct relation to the functions of the human resource management. Observance of these practices creates an effective manager and, thus, improved performance.

The first lessons touches on the importance of training the employees. Coincidentally, one of the core functions of the human resource management is education and training to employees. The human resource management is tasked with the duty of ensuring constant training and education to the employees to equip them with the necessary skills in the work environment. This concerns the new and existing employees. It is particularly more prominent during job placements. Effective people management practices and the human resource management share the same concept in the development of employees. An effective manager should employ this practice to ensure better performance of the organization (Gilmore & Williams, 2009).

Human Resource Management has the role of motivating employees. Motivation of employees can be achieved through several practices, like proper remuneration. This involves rewarding the employees according to the work they undertake. Fair remuneration and equal treatment of all employees is a crucial aspect in promoting motivation among employees. People management practices also focuses on the motivation aspect of employees. The various measures taken by the human resource manager ensures that there is retention of employees, and strategies are put in place to attract more employees. Enhancement of flexible working conditions facilitates motivation among the employees. This function is extremely valuable for a manager. The role played by the human resource management and effective people management practices in motivating the employees is essential in ensuring there is better performance on the part of the organization and the manager.

The human resource management guarantees there is involvement of employees in the operations of the business. There is no objective of a business that can be achieved without coordinated efforts. Human resource, thus, ensures that there is total participation of employees in the running of the business. The human resource creates a platform with which all employees are involved in an exchange program and share ideas on how the business should be run. Involvement of employees in running the organization creates a sense of belonging. People management best practices also focuses on the development of employees. This is done in line with the fact that employees will always seek personal development. They will, thus, engage in organizations and businesses that value their personal development. Effective manager will always seek to improve the human resource (Anantaraman & National University of Singapore, 1984)


Human resource management and people management practices focus on the aspect of human resource. The development and management of human resource is an essential aspect in ensuring better performance of the organization. The two aspects are interrelated as they have their main focus on the employees. Development of human resource is vital if the performance of an organization is to be achieved. Best people management can be seen as a function of human resource management.

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