iPhone and iPad in the Workplace

The iPad and iPhone from their onset were largely seen as entertainment devices and meant to be applied only for personal use. However, this has changed and now these two devices are used by many organizations to carry out all sorts of tasks, from media companies, where they are most notable, to small companies (Cache & Liu, 2010). The reason for this adoption is the advantages provided by these devices. However, they have some disadvantages that are also regarded in this essay.

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The first advantage is the portability of these devices. They are very light, small in size, have considerable processing power and a long battery life. They connect to the Internet using wireless technologies and can therefore be used anywhere, as long as there is wireless connectivity. Another advantage is the seamless synchronization with the cloud technology. It means that documents can be accessed from anywhere since they are saved on a remote location automatically. The iPad and iPhone are designed with powerful communication tools that allow easy and fast access to emails, social network feeds, voice and video calls and so on, thus enhancing communication in an organization. The apps used with the iPad and iPhone are relatively cheaper compared to the traditional computers. In comparison with traditional computers, the iPad and iPhone are easier to use and require little training (Cache & Liu, 2010).

However, there are many cons of having these devices in an organization. First of all, security of the organization’s data may be compromised if proper measures are not taken. These devices are costly and cannot be used entirely on their own without traditional computers; therefore, their usage will require extra cost from the organization. Direct printing from them is not possible with average printers and special printers are needed for that (Faas, 2012). Compatibility with non-Apple products is also a major bottle neck.

All in all, the advantages of integrating these wireless technologies in an organization far outweigh the disadvantages. The major risk caused by the wireless technologies is security of the organization’s data. However, with a little extra effort this can be managed. For this reason, it is justifiable to incorporate the iPad and iPhone in an organization.

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