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To any organization falling under the aegis of business and management, it is highly likely that their key purpose of venturing into the specific activity is to maximize shareholder profits with other objectives like service to the community and personal goals and interests coming in last (Kay, 1999). To achieve firm objectives such as profit maximization, the management must employ the necessary strategies aimed at outdoing competitors in the market while making well thought sober decisions. Strategic planning is the heart of any given firm or organization’s success. The plan mostly holds the companies key plans for survival and competitive advantage (Kay, 1999). Gene One is a biotechnology companies with desires of making it big in the industry. The company applies well calculated and thoroughly tested international strategies aimed at fuelling it to fulfillment of its objectives, vision and ultimately success.

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Gene One aims at making a 40% positive growth and sales each year for the coming three years. The company aims at developing and marketing the Gene One technology products that minimize the need for pesticides. In order to achieve development, marketing and creation of new products, the company will require additional funding for the whole process to be realized. To get the necessary funding, the company needs to go public through IPO. This will ensure the company’s credibility and capital acquisition derived from being public trading company.

In conclusion, in order to achieve the desired results from the IPO, several adjustments in the company’s management and marketing departments will have to be implemented. A marketing manager with the business expertise and experience to design the infrastructure needed for the support of the IPO must be hired. The company will also have to bring on board experts on IPO’s and trading market shares. There is also a need to lay off of workers with a rigid passion and those without a competitive spirit. This marketing strategy and the addition of employees with experience will ultimately drive the company to its desired level and eventually success.

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